Steve G. reports candidate FEC filings as of today

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LP Candidate FEC Filings

LP Presidential Candidate FEC and Liberty Decides ’08 Filings

Wayne Allyn Root
LD ’08: $15,764.00
Individual: $29,988.00
Candidate: $4,421.90

Daniel Imperato

LD ’08: $10,474.00
Individual: $0.00
Candidate: $0.00

Michael Jingozian

LD ’08: $8,490.00
Individual: $13,090.79
Candidate: $0.00

Mike Gravel*^
LD ’08: $895.00
Individual: $447,378.97
Candidate: $0.00

Steve Kubby**

LD ’08: $1,280.00
Total: $2,951.22

Alden Link

LD ’08: $885.00
Individual: $259.00
Candidate: $4,225.00

George Phillies
LD ’08: n/a
Individual: $16,727.75
Candidate: $81,527.01

Mary Ruwart***

LD ’08: $1,060.00
Individual: n/a
Candidate: n/a

Christine Smith**
LD ’08: $2,460.00
Total: $16,244.00

Bob Barr (still in Presidential exploratory phase):

Total Reported by Candidate Web site: $53,163.64

Most Individual Contributions Raised: Root
Most Personal Money Invested: Phillies

*Numbers reflect previous campaign for President in different political party
**No electronic report available. Only total available is net contributions that do not separate individual contributions and candidate contributions
***No FEC report available
^Candidate had failed to file April Quarterly Report when data was compiled

(LD ’08 totals current as of May 5, 2008. FEC Filing data taken from Election Cycle-To-Date totals from candidates’ April Quarterly filing. This information can be viewed at

Posted by Andrew Davis at May 6, 2008 12:52 PM

ENM responds:

Perhaps I am somehow confused, but in their wrap-up of “Most Individual Contributions Raised”, they list Root as the winner. Yet, isn’t Gravel’s $447,379 a LOT more than Root’s $29,988?

I still have to respect the heck out of George Phillies for putting so much of his money where his mouth is, so I think he should wear the “Most Personal Money Invested” win as a badge of honor.

I still think “Liberty Decides” is both a rip-off for the candidates, and misleading to voters. I have had to explain over and over again, to people across the net, that LD’08 has no bearing on a candidate’s actual chances of getting the nomination, because it’s nothing but a fundraising tool for the LP; and that if they contribute money to a candidate through LD’08, the candidate they choose doesn’t actually get the money. Argh.

  1. The number quoted for me is low by a solid $100,000, namely my receipts through the quoted date (FEC line 22) are actually $198254.76, not the $98254.76 implied above.

    If we are letting Bob Barr count every penny to date, well, I have more than $15,000 since the end of filing period.

    Why the $100,000? See line 19 of my FEC filing. Candidate loans are income. The $100,000 I have transferred to my campaign for my general election campaign — if nominated — was for the moment transferred as a loan. It appears on the FEC Form, line 19. If I get the nomination, I transform the loan to a contribution to my own campaign.

    Why a loan? Calling the last dollars you give your own campaign simplifies closing your campaign out afterwards. You try to spend every penny you get, but end up very very slightly in the black, not counting candidate loans. The very very slightly left over is used to reduce very slightly the candidate loans, leaving a balance of zero and less pain for your poor treasurer.

  2. I believe here are similar difficulties with the Jingozian and Imperato reports.

  3. Hi, Dr. Phillies! I wondered about that with Imperato in particular, since I could have sworn at one time I had looked at his financials, and there was money spent and money loaned.

    I’ll take a look at the FEC reports myself later today, and update the information.

  4. The figure listed above for SteveKubby is inaccurate because of a typo (on the actual FEC report, not on your part or on the part of Third Party Watch, where these figures are also posted).

    On the last quarterly report, the campaign inadvertently reported receipts for the quarter on line 14, where we should have put receipts for the campaign to date, which is the “total” figure referred to above. The Kubby campaign’s actual campaign-to-date total through 03/31/08 (as accurately reported on line 22, column B of the April quarterly report) is $16,219.77 rather than $2,951.22.

    Tom Knapp
    Communications Director
    Kubby for President

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