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Did the Gravel campaign fail to compensate campaign worker? Gravel responds “No”

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Politics, Presidential Candidates on May 6, 2008 at 10:59 pm

Today, a comment appeared on Third Party Watch from someone who used the name “Becky”, claiming that she was owed money by the Gravel campaign. The statement, linked here, is as follows:

If Mike is answering a call it’s not mine cuz he owes me $1000.00 for work done on his campaign. It’s been 6 months of begging & I’m fed up. ASK Mike Gravel why he thinks he can still fly around the country & claim he can’t pay his debts because he is broke. Mike Gravel has stolen from my family & I think the public needs to know he’s not the kind compassionate man he plays on T.V.

Clearly, this is a very serious allegation. Did Mike Gravel engage someone to perform work on his campaign, then plead poverty when payment was due?

I did as Becky suggested, and asked Mike Gravel by sending her comment to Skyler McKinley of the Gravel campaign, and requesting a statement. The campaign issued the following in response to Becky’s allegations (you can view the actual document by clicking isais-52608)



J. Skyler McKinley
Mike Gravel for President 2008

Becky Isais worked tirelessly on behalf of Senator Gravel and this campaign as a volunteer operating within the state of Nevada. She helped coordinate effective events for Senator Gravel, and graciously offered help whenever the campaign visited Nevada.

As with all of our volunteers, Becky was told that, should the campaign have money beyond necessary operating expenses, she would receive some compensation for her efforts. However, no formal contract or sum was drawn up or agreed upon, nor was the campaign in a surplus of funds such that it could pay volunteers beyond expectations.

Becky Isais has already received $500.00 from the Gravel campaign for her work and expenses as a volunteer. As this campaign will continually have operating costs, and Becky has already been paid an adequate sum, her additional $1000.00 claim is not realistic, nor was it formally established at any juncture of Becky’s tenure with us. We encourage Mrs. Isais use the Nevada legal system if she feels she is owed money from our campaign.

While we understand Mrs. Isais’s situation, every campaign, be it national, state, or local, will have disgruntled volunteers. Becky Isais never signed a formal contract with the Mike Gravel for President 2008 campaign, nor was she ever considered a paid employee.

  1. Hey, I know people who got screwed by the Ron Paul campaign. One guy I know didn’t get paid for over a month of work plus gas mileage all over Michigan. Another person I know was continually promised she’d be hired soon, and as a result, did tons of free work (at the expense of taking paying jobs she could have) for the campaign. Shit happens.

  2. Yup.

    I have worked on literally dozens of campaigns over the past 30 years or so. I have RARELY been compensated monetarily. Certainly not at the level that I have “contributed”.

    Granted, a thousand bucks seems a bit excessive, especially for a “volunteer”. I hope that “Becky” has reciepts for her gas, etc.

    Beyond that, politics is the most fun you can have with your clothes on! Next time, she shouldn’t expect a complete reimbursement. Campaigns are typically funded seat-of-the-pants, at the last minute, with the money going to the most pressing concern of the moment.

    It’s a *really* expensive hobby!

    BTW, I am not rich, or even what most folks would call middle income.


  3. Yeah same here. Back in the mid 90’s, I was told I would get paid for campaign work and didn’t get a penny.

    Sounds like she got paid a little bit.

    Stop bitching.

  4. I wasn’t saying she should “quit bitching.” If the campaign says they’re going to pay you, they should pay. I mean, we had a lot of people doing a lot of selfless volunteering for Ron Paul. But some people quit their jobs or gave up their freelance work (i.e. me) upon invitation of the campaign. I was fully compensated and have no complaints whatsoever. But I know one guy who was not and he got a really raw deal. He would have, and did, volunteer. But he would not have given up his job and spent hundreds, maybe thousands, on gas if he would have known he wouldn’t get paid. The other person I referred to did freelance work, too, and she gave it up to “volunteer” practically full time with the promise of future employment that never came. What is Ron Paul’s role in this? Nothing, except for the well-known flaw the man has in terms of trusting bad people with high positions. He hired the people that hired the people that hired the leaders in Michigan who misled some very dedicated people and cost them some rather serious financial damage. But that is bound to happen in a campaign of any real size. Gravel, on the other hand, is probably more directly responsible here.

  5. GE,

    While I do believe those that have formal contracts should always be paid, and what happened with Dr. Paul’s campaign was a tragedy, it appears to me that ‘Becky’ was expecting something beyond what she was given.

    When I agree to volunteer my time, I rarely expect payment. That’s what volunteering is about. I’m surprised that Becky was paid at all, and even more so that she’s not happy with 500 smackers.

  6. No GE, I …JASON GATTIES…said she should quit bitching.

    Get it????

  7. Gatties – I thought you were piggybacking on my comment. Now I see that you were just being a dick. My bad. “Stop bitching, slave! Back to work!”

  8. hahaha…

    I was just stating my opinion.

  9. I was promised 500 a month plus out of pocket which I never claimed but do still have receipts for.
    Mike Gravel himself called me & asked for my bank account number so he could wire the money to be befor Christmas “because he felt so bad”.
    I have numerous emails from Chris Petherick AND from Skyler McKinley. Telling me my check is in the mail.
    Why would everyone tell me this if I was only a volunteer?
    Mike Gravel himself asked me to work on his campaign as paid staff.
    I only did it because I believed in him.
    Skyler you are flat out lying & you know it.
    REMEMBER I have voicemails & emails.
    How can you dispute that?
    After December I removed myself as paid staff & STILL continued to volunteer.
    I am owed for 2 months & that is the truth.
    Skyler I have talked to you numerous times about this so be honest & don’t lie.
    Mike tried to pull the same line with me when I threatened to take him to small claims he said “I never signed a contract with you”.
    No Mike you didn’t but your emails & voicemail clearly point that you know you owe me.
    Ask his Rocky Mountain Director Stacy Stanley who met me at a Starbuck’s by my house & made the oral agreement to pay me $500.00 a month.
    Mike Gravel himself saw me purchasing copies at a library & even told my 12 yr old that he didn’t want me paying for anything out of pocket & to keep all the receipts for me.

  10. Hi, Becky. I did call you as you requested in your email, but got your voicemail. I left you a message. 🙂

  11. This is a very legitimate complaint, Becky.

  12. I just sent you about 50 billion emails from the campaign.
    You are more than welcome to make these emails public on your site just please delete all of my personal information.
    Skyler is a true jerk.

  13. It will be tough to prove an oral agreement. Was anyone else present?

    On a side note, GE, do you still have your own personal blog? Just curious, I was trying to figure it out the other day but couldn’t remember the name of it.

  14. Jason – It was called Capitalist Dove, but I shut it down. I felt like I had to have a new post every day. It became a burden. I’d much rather contribute to LFV, where I can go on flurries of posting following by several-month-long hiatuses without letting anyone down.

  15. I don’t just have that I have hundreds of emails, I have Mike Gravel’s voicemails left on my cell phone, I am in the youtube video entitled picking stars of generals shoulders or somthing like that where he introduces me as his campaign manager. I am also thanked in his book Citizen Power. I have personally spoken with Skyler who is just young & naive & trying to lie for Mike & in the process selling his soul. He knows what he put out as a “press release” is nothing but lies & slander. I have been in contact with Elfnino & she has kindly read all of our internal campaign emails. I am a stranger to her & she is doing the right thing for a stranger whereas Mike Gravel knows me & my family & still chooses to steal from us. It’s sad that Mike would do this for $1000.00. He knows me & my family he knows what I’ve done for his campaign & it’s sad that he isn’t man enough to stick to his word. If any of you would like me to email you the evidence I have feel free to give me your email.

  16. Becky – I applaud you for coming forward. If what you say is true, and it certainly seems to be the case, then it further establishes Gravel as a fraudster. Of course, this is something he admits openly when he discusses how he stole to finance his Democratic campaign. The Libertarian Party should dismiss his candidacy out of hand.

  17. On the surface Becky, I jumped the gun and said you didn’t have a case. But as you continue to discuss this, you seem like an honest person. I take back my bitch comment earlier and humbling apologize.

    I just had a thought. When is ENM doing another LFV Live? She could have you on to discuss this. Putting a real voice behind this accusations may go a long way to help you out.

  18. grrr…I hate 9am. I think my spelling hasn’t woke up yet.

  19. No worries. This whole ordeal has really torn me in two. I was betrayed by Mike Gravel, then the press release they put out yesterday just threw salt in that wound. I don’t know whay they are acting like this. I earned every last cent. I was in the midst of starting my own self-sustaining business to help the homeless here in Vegas & I dropped EVERYTHING to work 24/7 for the campaign. $500 a month basically covers gas when you have to drive all over the valley everyday attending meeting. I was a one man Army, but I did my job & fought against mainstream & made sure Mike Grvel was well represented at every Democratic event. I sacrificed alot & was promised many times that my “check was in the mail” literally. When I called Mike personally & told him I was at my wits end & in desperate need of my $1000.00 & I would be forced to file a small claims suit he told me over the phone “tough luck I never signed a contract with you”. I told him I had tons of evidence including emails & personal voicemails from him. His reply was “I don’t remember any of that”. I just wish he would be the man he says he is & stop lying. Skyler is young & naive so maybe that’s why he did the press release saying I was just a volunteer. I have talked to Skyler alot & he knows that he committed slander against me. I walk away with a clean conscience & that is worth more than $1000.00.

  20. Yes, Becky! You should definitely go on the LFV Radio Show and air your grievances. Great idea, Jason.

  21. G.E.–

    Can you clarify what you mean by Gravel “admits openly when he discusses how he stole to finance his Democratic campaign” ?

    Those are pretty strong words and since I’ve followed the entire Democratic primary pretty thoroughly, I heard nothing of what you’re claiming before. Until that is articulated credibly, I can’t take any of your other comments seriously.

    Thanks for the clarification and verification of your fightin’ words.

  22. A.E. – He admits he took on credit card debt to bankroll his campaign with no intention of paying it back. He did the same thing to fund his Maoist initiative organization and declared bankruptcy a few years ago. The man is a thief.

  23. Ahh, that’s what I thought you meant, but I wasn’t sure how deluded you really were.

    I’ll shed a tear for the credit card companies the same day millions of Americans aren’t rolling in personal debt and bankruptcy. SHAME on these vicious citizens, “stealing” money from our loving multinational bankers.

    I’ll consider Gravel’s actions a pretty benign offense in light of corporate candidates who shamelessly take millions from the Military-Industrial-Complex. I’ll judge him based upon his accomplishments and his platforms of he plans to do.

    And the telltale sign you’re dim is your total ignorance at The National Initiative and how badly we need direct democracy. The Republic is lost, and I presume you’re sitting with your tin-foil hat, crying at how Gravel is a globalist.

    Usually I consider the corrupt banking institutions the “thiefs,” not the guys that want to take them on.

    Sorry, can’t help but laugh at your logic.

  24. But, when you take something you should pay for it. I have NO LOVE at all for credit card companies but if you have morals you shouldn’t steal. Even if the person is evil it still is considered stealing if you don’t pay for it.

  25. Sounds like you have a pretty broad definition of stealing. If someone wants to pay but is unable to, is that different than someone who deliberately chooses not to pay? I say: YES. You apparently say no and think everyone is evil.

    Sounds like Gravel would pay you if he had a surplus of funds. Presuming he doesn’t, I agree with the first few comments that it’s just tough luck. A paycheck as a campaign volunteer is about the last thing I would bet the farm on.

    It’s like that U2 song Bad:

    “If I could, you know I would…”

    …but if they can’t, then they won’t, because they can’t. Get it??

  26. Maybe you can send me your email then I can give you all of my evidence I wasn’t a volunteer. Mike Gravel promised me to my face I’d be paid. He hasn’t paid me. Hate on me if you want because I’m standing up for myself but I will continue to stand up for what’s right. & yes stealing is taking something that deosn’t belong to you & I didn’t call EVERYONE evil I will rephrase it for you a bit. No matter how evil the entity is that you are stealing from it still is considered stealing. I can’t sit back & take it any longer Mike Gravel has fleeced enough people. I am not the only staffer (not volunteer) that was lied to & stolen from. But seriously I’d love to share my evidence with you. I’ll also be on the radio program with Elfnino’s mom today at 6 E.S.T.

  27. I looked through all the many emails Becky sent me, and I have also spoken with her several times by telephone. I honestly don’t think she’s lying.

    I have contacted the Gravel campaign, and sent them the emails (with Becky’s permission, of course) last night.

    In the meantime, I am giving the parties a little time to settle the dispute before I go public with the article. I explained to both Becky and the campaign yesterday evening that, if they haven’t reached an agreement by late this afternoon, I’m going to release an article on the dispute.

    I can’t be much more fair than that, especially since most people in my position would never even give the campaign a warning of what’s to come. However, that is in no one’s best interest but mine, and this isn’t about me.
    It is about Becky and the Gravel campaign, and whether she is owed money; and it is in the best interest of both parties to settle their differences amicably, if that can be done.

    If the dispute is settled, obviously everyone will be happy and there will be no need to post an article about it, since it can reasonably be chalked up to a misunderstanding.

    On the other hand, if it hasn’t been resolved by late this afternoon, since there is absolutely no doubt but that the campaign received my email regarding the article, I’ll post the article and we’ll just let libertarians draw their own conclusions. My intention is not to harm anyone (obviously, since otherwise I’d have already posted the article), but the convention is only two weeks away and this is a very serious issue for a libertarian presidential candidate.

    In the meantime, since Becky relayed to me that she has contacted the campaign today in an effort to settle the dispute but has received no response, I have scheduled a special one-hour segment of “LFV Live!” to cover this issue.

    At 6pm EST, hear Becky’s story for yourself in her own words, along with the audio recordings of voicemails she received regarding this issue. Based upon my conversations with Becky, it promises to be a very interesting episode indeed. I’ll post that notice on the main page if I haven’t heard about a settlement within an hour or so.

  28. Flying fat fuck.

    Jesus, this story is absurd. Unless Becky has an EXPLICIT written contract, she isn’t owed shit, legally.

    That said, I think that she should be paid by the Gravel campaign, at the campaign’s convenience. I have friends who work for Gravel at different levels, and none of them have been paid yet, but all expect it when the campaign has cash. I think that Becky should expect the same, money when the campaign has money, no sooner.

    It’s absurd that “Becky” wants the entire campaign to shut down just to pay her. She’ll get paid when she can get paid. Judging by her spelling, Becky is some poor idiot who was a) manipulated by the Gravel campaign, or b) was stupid enough to think that she would get paid when it was best for her. Imagine, all the time that was spent commenting on this blog could’ve been time spent job-seeking. It doesn’t take long to earn a thousand bucks.

  29. Here’s my take:

    There could very well be others who haven’t been paid, because campaigns are erratic with payment. Their statement seemed to imply if they could, they would. Like most all campaigns, they don’t have extra funds sitting around for volunteers, even if there is a general agreement they should be paid. Nature of the beast. That doesn’t mean the campaign is deliberately negligent or malicious. To quote someone else, shit happens.

    Yet you are the only one making a stink and not recognizing there could be other forces at work. I’ve been around enough campaigns to see this and most people don’t stoop to your hysterics.

    If they do, people resolve this stuff internally, and you apparently have zero appreciation for whatever other factors may be at work. You’d gladly attack a campaign you passionately supported because you didn’t get exactly what you want, even if it may not be possible.

    If someone is bankrupt, do you rob them? What on earth does that accomplish? This is really nothing more than vindictive behavior, and it’s really annoying to see the low road being taken.

  30. Low road is saying the check is in the mail literally several times.
    I am taking the low road because I am trying to get paid?
    If the campaign was bankrupt Mike wouldn’t be flying around the country with 3 staffers.
    But I guess it is easy to pass judgement from behind a keyboard huh.

  31. IF Mike said to your face you would be paid I think you would believe him too.
    When the emails are made public you can judge for yourself.
    If this is the kind of President that you want then vote for him.
    I’d be an idiot not to stand up for myself though.

  32. […] Gravel campaign, of course, previously released a statement saying that Becky was a volunteer, and therefore not entitled to any […]

  33. Austrian Economist is certainly no Austrian economist. When Gravel steals from the credit card companies, he steals from EVERYONE. He uses his ill-gotten credit to purchase REAL GOODS AND SERVICES, and by not paying his bills, the cost is passed on to the rest of us. You should shed a tear for your own stupidity, even if not for the credit card companies. I shed tears for your mother.

    Becky gladly volunteered but then was asked to do more than she could reasonably sacrifice without pay. Gravel offered her compensation to do this, and then cheated her just like he cheated the credit-card companies (whose stockholders, mind you, are not all evil bankers) and the rest of society through his personal inflationary behavior.

    Austrian Economist should change his name to Keynesian or Marxist, or better yet, Armed Robber, because these are the philosophies and practices he champions.

  34. Jerry Baner doesn’t understand contract law any better than Austrian Economist understands Austrian economics. Written contracts are necessary, by law, only for real-estate transactions and maybe a few other areas. A verbal pay contract most certainly has legal standing. When you take on a debt, you have the moral obligation to do your best to pay it. The fact that people are making excuses for the socialist huckster Gravel — people who CLAIM to be libertarians (hardly) — shows the moral and ethical decay brought on by acceptance of fiat money.

  35. GE,

    Perhaps the Gravel campaign intends on paying? If the verbal agreement wasn’t dated, then Becky could theoretically be paid three years from now, and all would be swell.

  36. A Contract is an Agreement between two or more parties. Gravel cannot claim, in good faith, that it was his understanding that Becky expected to be paid three years from now. The guy is a criminal. If Becky is to be castigated, it should be working for a Maoist self-aggrandizer who is an admitted and proud thief to begin with. She should have known she couldn’t trust him, but to saddle her with all of the blame is like saddling a rape victim with the blame for wearing certain kinds of clothes. “She was asking for it” does not absolve the rapist of guilt, nor does it absolve the criminal Gravel, either.

  37. A friend of mine covered the Washington State LP Convention for his political website. He chatted with Gravel a little bit there. This was only a few weeks ago, so I just checked in with him regarding your claims.

    Gravel traveled ALONE. A local supporter from the Seattle/Tacoma area showed up to assist him. That doesn’t sound like excess or luxury to me; sounds like a campaign just getting by, doing what it’s gotta to keep going.

    So your dramatic interpretation of Gravel traveling with “3 staffers” is hyperbole. You, in fact, are the one passing judgment. Wrong judgment at that.

    When I saw Gravel speak at a nearby college there was one young guy with him who lived in the area. Not a posse of paid staffers like you make it out to be.

    If you’re going to keep up these exaggerated, false claims, how accurate is your story?

  38. Ooooooo GE, you really got me. I don’t have a PhD in the Austrian School of Economics, who knew?!?

    All I can say is you’re using some harsh words to associate with Gravel like “rapist” and “criminal”. If that’s how you see the world, I sincerely hope a twit of your stature has no place at the national convention. Be prepared to back up that level of ignorant smack-talk if you’re in Denver.

    The litmus test for your idiocy? Resorting to calling Gravel a “socialist,” which is about a stupid a claim as they come. You realize one of his rivals in the Senate was Scoop Jackson, socialist AND lackey for the Military-Industrial-Complex?

    It’s pointless wasting breath on someone with your distorted outlook and lack of insight. Gotta love that rigid, borderline autistic Lib-tard thinking.

  39. Back up the smack talk? What are you going to do? Initiate force against me? That’s for pussies. Little boys like you use physical violence when they’re shamed by their intellectual betters. But before you go threatening force against libertarians, you better stop and consider that many of us take the Second Amendment self defense rather seriously. So if you want to get violent when you lose an argument, you might want to stay out of the argument in the first place.

    Gravel is a criminal. I in no way equated him with being a rapist. I said those who blame the victim, in this case Becky, are no different from those who blame rape victims. Some rape victims dress provocatively and some theft victims (like Becky) knowingly work for individuals with criminal histories who are not above stealing. Although wearing a see-through dress and no underwear to Mike Tyson’s apartment at 3:30 in the morning calls into question one’s judgment, it does not give the former champ the right to rape her. Similarly, working for an admitted and proud thief, Becky should have known there was a chance he would steal from her just as he did from his creditors, but it still doesn’t give him the RIGHT to do it, and Becky has as much standing as the rape victim in the analogy. To take that as equating Gravel as a rapist shows your intellectual feebleness.

  40. Ok, you’re officially retarded. And I say that in the endearing, politically-correct way.

    I’m glad you were so thick as to misinterpret a showdown of wits with physical violence. Mocking your stupidity and lack of flair for the English language, that I could do for ages. You’re the one who drew down the gauntlet and evoked physicality, so what does that say about you? Reach for yer holster before admitting you’re intellectually inadequate?

    Your utter lack of wit or self-effacement shows me what a cretin you are. I know it must feel really great having that constant glow of smug self-satisfaction, but trust me when I say you ain’t impressing nobody but yourself. Don’t worry; it’ll wear off when you hit puberty and get out of the basement.

    See you at the brain consortium in Denver, whiz kid.

  41. Senator Mike Gravel is an American hero, unlike your precious little Ron Paul.

    So sure, Mike Gravel will deal with Becky Isais, but Ron Paul will deal with Randy Gray.

    I think not paying a volunteer is worse than hiring a skinhead. Just my opinion, though.

  42. Jerry Baner – I knew Randy Gray personally. He was the county coordinator of Midland County, my neighboring county. He was in my Meetup group.


    He volunteered to be county coordinator. There are thousands of counties in the country — they can’t do extensive background checks on everyone who applies for this VOLUNTEER position.

    In Jerry Baner’s socialist mind, stealing from someone (not paying them for work they agreed to perform for pay) is worse than inadvertently allowing a racist to volunteer for a campaign position and not squandering thousands of dollars to run background checks on the thousands others like him.

  43. A.E. – Your exact words were “Be prepared to back up that level of ignorant smack-talk if you’re in Denver.”

    How was I supposed to interpret this other than as a threat to initiate physical violence? What did you mean? That I should be prepared to back up my smack talk with more words? I in no way threatened physical violence. I do not believe physical violence is ever appropriate except in retaliation to or in prevention of violence.

    You say I’m “retarded.” Why? Because I consider taking on credit card debt with no intention of paying it to be the theft that it is? Because I don’t think it’s acceptable to hire someone for pay and then not pay them? It’s the world, in which these practices are acceptable, that’s “retarded” — morally and intellectually — along with anyone, such as yourself, who endorses these criminal behaviors.

  44. Oh, and yeah, Mike Gravel performed some heroics several decades ago in Congress. Martin Luther King did a lot of good, too. Mike Gravel is responsible for some legislative evils, as was MLK. But Gravel is a crook just like MLK was a philanderer. Gravel’s heroics no more give him the right to steal from his employees or his creditors than MLK’s excuse his government initiations of force, plagiarism, and womanizing. Ron Paul, on the other hand, is the greatest American Patriot to ever live, and a man of absolutely impeccable character. There is no comparison between he and Gravel. Come on, now!

  45. Are you trying to say that Ron Paul made no mistakes at all, ever? Well, as much as I like Paul, he’s no saint. People make mistakes. Thank god. You’re really obsessed with Paul, aren’t you?

    Becky Isais, just like Randy Gray, was a volunteer. Randy Gray hated black people, Becky Isais expected to get paid when nothing was formally agreed upon. Maybe in the mind of a product of the failed ‘rEVOLution’ racism isn’t a flaw. I know it wasn’t for Randy.

  46. Racism most certainly is a flaw. It’s a flaw on par with gluttony. Randy Grey, though a dispicable cretin (and I spent hours of time with him before learning he was a racist — and when I learned, it was like a kick in the stomach) for his racist views, to the best of my knowledge, DID NOT EVER COMMIT ACTS OF FORCE OR FRAUD. When I found out he was a racist, I asked him if he condoned violence against blacks, Jews, whomever, and he said no. I tried to convert him to libertarianism, but he had a religious belief in white supremacy — I mean that literally, a RELIGIOUS belief (“Christian Identity”). Anyone who knows G.E. Smith knows that I despise racism! But racism is not a crime, nor should it be. THEFT is and should be, and a thief is worse than a racist for sure!

    Ron Paul has made mistakes. Hiring Eric Dondero was a pretty big one. But he cannot in any way be blamed for Randy Gray. Unlike the Gravel campaign, with its half-dozen supporters, there were THOUSANDS of county coordinators in the Ron Paul campaign. He can’t be blamed for letting one scumbag through. Gravel, himself, is the scumbag, by his own admission. You know, I had to settle a credit card debt that I had for less than what I owed, back in 2003. But I did not incur the debts with no expectation of paying back and I do not think of that incident as something to be proud of!

  47. One scumbag who happened to be a relatively loud advocate of race-hate, and was of some profile in doing so. It’s not like it was a deep, dark secret, Randy Gray was known for being a racist and a member of the Klan.

    If you weren’t so seriously confused about Gravel, you might be able to argue that he’s a scumbag. You don’t really seem to know what happened with his finances, you’re making generalizations just like your friend Eric.

  48. How was he “well known”? No one in our group knew he was a racist. He came with another scumbag from Midland. No one else from Midland was active (probably because THEY knew) in the group. It may not have been a “deep dark secret” but he did not stand up and announce his racism. How were we to know? In fact, we had an African-American media person from National here in Michigan and everyone hated her — I remember Randy saying “I really don’t have a problem with her.” He was the only one who didn’t, literally. I guess he doth protest too much, but that just goes to show how he did NOT make his racism known and sought to conceal it.

    Gravel ADMITS to credit-card fraud — i.e. taking on debts with no intention of paying them back. He admits it, and is proud of it. I’m in no way confused or making generalizations.

    Randy Gray is a disgrace to humanity, but Ron Paul is in absolutely no way to blame for him.

  49. But guys just to clarify I was NEVER hired on as a volunteer I was hired on as paid staff from the beginning of my work with the campaign. I resigned in December when they were behind two months of paying me. That is when I made the decision myself to become a volunteer. I never asked for anything more than what was promised. I covered ALL out of pocket expenses. Since you guys don’t know me or my family I brushed off the remarks about the passing of my cousins. But be aware that your words do hurt. My Mom who is visiting right now sat at this computer & read the comments. She was in tears. Murder is so hard to deal with just be mindful in the future that other peoples feelings are relevant & need to be treated with respect. I’m a firm believer in the 1st ammendment but it never hurts to be kind.

  50. Another thing is I expected to be paid because I was told I would be paid. READ THE EMAILS I was told numerous times the check literally was in the mail. Mike Gravel himself asked me to work on his campaign. Told me to my face I would receive $500 a month. It doesn’t get any clearer than that. I am fighting for it now because when the campaign ends who will pay me then? I earned this money, I was promised this money, someone who is trying to get the Libertarian nominee needs to adhere to Libertarian morals & values don’t you think? Or do the standards get lowered cuz he’s Mike Gravel?

  51. Becky,

    It’s clear to me that you’re not emotionally stable.

  52. Becky – Don’t listen to these guys. I’ve destroyed their “arguments,” which are in favor of the force and fraud perpetrated against you, and clearly not libertarian in nature. You are 100% correct — “someone who is trying to get the Libertarian nomination needs to adhere to Libertarian morals & values” — and unlike the Democrats, Republicans, Greens, etc., we do NOT believe in stealing just because we decide we’d rather fly around the country then pay someone something they’re owed!

  53. True Libertarians have very high moral standards AND they adhere to them.

  54. G.E. has always been an ass, almost as much as Eric Dondero.

    I can’t wait to meet you at the convention, GE.

  55. Maybe we could bet on a cage match between G.E. & Jerry.
    Jerry will you donate your portion to Gravel so he can pay me, everyone else he stole from (I mean borrowed from without their consent) & the phone company?

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