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Brown supporters’ trial ended today

In Courts and Justice System, Crime, Law, People in the news, Second Amendment, Taxation, US Government on April 5, 2008 at 11:46 pm

Bombs, Taxes and Red Crayons has covered today’s cross-examination of Reno Gonzalez, as well as the closing statements in the trial of the Brown supporters.

Here are some excerpts:

When Reno first heard about the Ed Brown standoff, he says he didn’t know it was about tax issues.  All he knew is that Ed had holed himself up his home.  Reno had been “researching” the incidents at Ruby Ridge and Waco at the time.

Reno:  I didn’t think [the standoff] would last too long.  They would just go in and kill them.

Reno (later): The US Marshals don’t ask questions … I thought this would be another Ruby Ridge.

According to Reno, all three defendants were there to take advantage of Ed’s press.  Jason went to the Browns “because there was a cruise missile that hit the Pentagon” and “he was there to defend the Browns … the only thing else he did was drink beer.”  Riley was there “because he took a military oath” to defend the Constitution and his research had told him that the income tax laws were unlawful.

Prosecutor:  Don’t you care about Ed and Elaine Brown?

Reno:  Ed Brown is kind of a jerk… I’m a realist, not a hero.

Prosecutor:  Did you tell Jason to arm himself?

Reno:  No, I wouldn’t tell a pacifist to buy a gun.

Prosecutor:  Jason Gerhard is a pacifist?

Reno: Jason Gerhard is a good man.

When Ed brought him a sample zip gun and asked if he could make more, Reno said that he was “for firearms, but against mines.  The spring gun had the capability of being used as a mine.”

The most amusing part of today’s blog:

He [the prosecutor] described Jason as someone who was spoiling for a fight and who was very … interested … in his gun.

From an email Jason sent:

I choose to enjoy porn while fondling my gun at Ed Brown’s house.  Try it one day.  It’s the best of all possible worlds.

Is “my gun” what he calls Little Jason, or is he literally fondling a gun while watching porn?  Forget I asked that, I really don’t want to know.  LOL

Jason Gerhard and Danny Riley are not going to testify in their own defense.  Except for the jury’s instructions and deliberations, which will start Monday morning, the trial is over.

What I find sad is that the Brown supporters, and even Ed and Elaine themselves, have abandoned these men when they most need the support.  Their defense witnesses either took the Fifth or else failed to materialize.  Even Elaine took the Fifth, rather than testify on behalf of the men who gave up their own lives to protect hers.  None of the Brown supporters even attended the trial as a spectator, according to JJ; the only spectators were Jason’s mother and (usually) Danny’s brother.

I can’t help but wonder …. had these three men realized that Ed and Elaine would leave them hanging like this,  would they have still made the decision to become involved?

  1. These poor bastards are up shit creek without a paddle. That’s for damned sure. I’m glad I sat on the fence on this one from the beginning!

  2. Nobody was abandoned…they just don’t want to be taken out of the game before the big fight. Don’t listen to the BS on this topic unless you were there.

  3. Of course that’s why they’re not there. The big fight is always just right around the corner, right? Was this just a little fight, or a medium-sized fight, or …..?

    Face it, they needed you now, and you all failed them miserably. The big fight is not going to help these men, if they end up in prison for decades because the people who could have helped them were too wussified to do so. Shame on all of you.

  4. ENM:”Face it, they needed you now, and you all failed them miserably. The big fight is not going to help these men, if they end up in prison for decades because the people who could have helped them were too wussified to do so. Shame on all of you.”

    I always wonder how they expect to win the “big fight” if they never bother to get any experience fighting in the little ones.

    I also wonder that if “joe citizen” were to undergo the same situation, if he would feel that it was just not worth fighting.

    BTW, thank you for the props here. I can’t remember ever addressing it.

  5. Hiya, webhick! Believe me, I still quietly thank you every day that the site is up, I couldn’t have done it without you. 🙂

    I bet if Joe Citizen were on trial like these three men, he’d be crying a river if no one showed up to support him at his trial. Since it’s not his trial, he’s pretending like he has some big important reason for not supporting the people who did go to the Browns to offer support, so people like him wouldn’t have to do so. Joe’s shame runs deep, or at least it would if he had a conscience.

  6. I have often wondered if this was just a way to catch some patriots. The browns were going to prison anyway so why not make a deal with the feds to stage a phoney stand off. Why did the feds let it go so long? I have met folks that were there that feel the same way. very Hinky indeed.

  7. Hi, Dave. I thought it was very odd the feds let it go on for so long too. From what I understand, they were trying to just wait them out. What I don’t understand is why they let other people just come and go at will. The whole situation is weird, in my opinion.

    I certainly hope people are no longer supporting Ed and Elaine, since they have proven, by refusing to help these men, that they are not worthy of anything but scorn.

  8. I believe the feds allowed people to come and go because they learned from past experiences that completely cutting off nutbags from the outside world can only end badly.

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