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Old Buck feared Ed Brown would murder Elaine

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As previously stated on this blog, the trial of the Ed and Elaine Brown supporters – Cirino “Reno” Gonzalez, Robert Wolffe, and Jason Gerhard – is being covered by a friend of mine, JJ MacNab, who is actually at the trial. I’ve been watching the comments on her trial blog, Bombs, Taxes, and Red Crayons, and it’s quite Illuminati illuminating.

What follows is the conversation in question. Jim Hobbs is “Old Buck”, who stayed at the Brown home in his RV for months. Bob “woffle” (Wolffe) is one of the men currently on trial. “Admin” is JJ.

ADMIN: You ever hear Ed’s plan to kill Elaine and blame the evil feds, Old Buck?

BUCK: Not quite like that but yes I feared he may do such a thing as kill elaine and I told the marshals that the night I left.

BUCK: I also told Bob woffle in an email I had that concern.

ADMIN: Can you describe what you heard of Ed’s plan in an email, if you don’t mind. I have four different versions now and there are odd discrepancies with what we’re seeing in trial (the bunker set up, for example.)

BUCK: No I will not as there is nothing to that whole story as it was all smoke and mirrors. while I did not agree with alot of what ed said and did, I believe the tax laws are being misapplied and ed and elaine were railroad. These men are being charged because the marshals were made to look like fool for 9mts. Its shameful how our stystem works.

ADMIN: If there’s nothing to the story, why did you call the Marshals and warn Wolffe?

BUCK: I called and left a message with the marshals telling them of my concern also warned woffle about ed and my concerns for elaines saftey. ed and I had been going round and round for a few days and I was very concerned . The bunker and tunnels wer the made up part. the hit list is ed bullshit.

BUCK: I came to believe ed got himself in so deep the only out he saw was sucide by cop. I sincerly believed that and Bob wolfe agreed 100%. The problem was what the hell could I do about it. so I got out.

So, according to someone who was undeniably very close to Ed Brown and Elaine Brown, and actually lived on the Browns’ property for a prolonged period of time during the standoff, Ed was possibly planning to murder Elaine; and this supporter was concerned enough for Elaine’s life at Ed’s hands that he actually broke away, and alerted the US Marshals that she was in danger.


I wonder if Elaine, or her children, realized that she was in far more danger from Ed, than from the government?

Would Ed have murdered Elaine? I have to take Buck’s words and actions for that, and say yes. I honestly do not believe that this man, who stood by Ed and Elaine’s side for so long, staying on the property to protect them, would ever have gone out of his way to call the Marshals and give them that information, unless he absolutely believed that Elaine was in serious danger of being murdered by Ed. It’s a good thing the Marshals came in when they did. They may actually have saved Elaine’s life. Old Buck may have saved Elaine’s life, by alerting the Marshals.

In another update, Ed and Elaine have taken the Fifth Amendment, refusing to testify on behalf of the men who are on trial for trying to protect them. They’ve hung these men out to dry.

While this may come as a surprise to some, it’s not a surprise to me. As previously stated on LFV, I have never trusted Ed Brown. Too bad his supporters didn’t listen to me. If they had, they’d be at home with their families right now, instead of on trial and looking at spending decades in prison.

The moral of the story: It does no good to protect someone based upon principle, when you are protecting someone who is completely unprincipled.

  1. Meh. I never figured them for decent people.

    Maybe we share common cause with them in our dislike of the income tax, but just because I agree with someone on an academic question doesn’t mean that they’re automatically good people.

  2. What a bunch of shit. I know that Ed would never harm Elaine. She is the love of his life. Wow, the disinfo. is flairing, trying to downplay the fact that the federal govn’t is wrong – the brown’s are right – and steering the blame of this from the govn’t to Ed.

    Fuck all you assholes. & I KNOW

  3. and nobody showed up to the trial cause they are getting ready to fight you dumb asses

  4. I didn’t say that, dumbass. Old Buck said it, and I reported it.

  5. Oh yeah, the “big fight”. You guys are always talking about “the big fight” which never seems to materialize. The big fight was in New Hampshire last week, when these three men were fighting for their freedom, looking at decades in prison, and you all refused to help. You didn’t even show up to sit in the audience and give them moral support. Shame on you all.

  6. Ed is and always was bipolar and delusional. And while it is true that he loves Elaine dearly, he also abused her physically and verbally. There is no doubt about it and I am sure it will come out in subsequent trials if additional charges are brought against Ed & Elaine. I seriously doubt that he would have murdered Elaine outright and he definitely would not have committed suicide by any means. Ed is a narcissist. Narcissists don’t kill themselves. Just my thoughts.

  7. Buckyou…………where are you getting your information about Ed EVER abusing Elaine either physically or verbally? It seems that you are just here to demonize Ed Brown further.

    Where are your credentials that makes you an expert to diagnose Ed as bipolar, delusional and a narcissist?

    Who the hell are you anyway, just another lying government disinformation agent?

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