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Angry ex-boyfriend, or casualty of war?

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Acevedo After returning from his third tour of duty in Iraq in three years, Lance Cpl. Eric Acevedo just wasn’t the same, his relatives said.The previously athletic teen, who had enlisted in the Marines just after graduating from high school a few months after the war began in 2003, suffered from nightmares, fought with his girlfriend and gained weight. The 22-year-old, whose breaks between deployments were less than a year, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, said his father, Andres Acevedo.

Early Saturday morning, 13 months after returning from his last tour, he went to his ex-girlfriend’s townhouse, broke through a ground-floor window and stabbed her repeatedly with a kitchen knife, police said. A blood-covered Acevedo then paced in the parking lot as officers rushed to the tan wood-and-brick townhouse complex and arrested him, neighbors said.

Eric Acevedo, 22, is charged with capital murder, which carries the death penalty, and remained jailed Wednesday on $1 million bond. Acevedo’s court-appointed attorney, Lex Johnston, said he had not spent much time talking to his client.

“I gave him to the government nice and healthy, and the government returned somebody who is capable of doing something like that,” Andres Acevedo told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.


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  1. The government’s job is to turn enlistees into killers. Looks like “mission accomplished” to me.

  2. I always wonder why events like this surprise some people. If you break down the moral prohibition on killing people, what do you expect?

  3. i just left tarrant county jail for a dui. and believe it or not eric was my cellie. he is one the coolest dudes i ever met he got a raw deal from the government.

  4. All of you should have known Mollie. SHE was the coolest, most loving, happy, funny and one of the best people I will have ever known. Her eyes would sparkle when she smiled! She was like a daughter to us and sister to my kids. No sympathy for this murderer.. I don’t care where he’s been before ..She and her little girl didn’t deserve this. I pray he get’s what he deserves whatever that may be.

  5. Mr. and Mrs. Bullivant,

    First and foremost, I feel for your loss. What Acevedo did was unethical, and I agree wholly that he deserves no sympathy.

    I worry how people interpret others. Sometimes a person will say something, intending to imply one thing, and yet the message will be interpreted as implying another.

    I cannot speak for Mr. Mayer or Mr. McManigal, but I believe what they intend to say is that war is evil for a variety of reasons, among these being that it turns men like Acevedo into murdering scumbags. This isn’t to say we should have sympathy for Acevedo—his actions were attrocious no matter how you slice it, and he must take personal responsibility for those actions.

    Rather, the point they were stressing is that the government doesn’t care about you or your loss. It turned Acevedo into a murderer because it wanted to have people willing to murder for its cause. Once it’s done with the Acevedos of the world, it throws them back into society with the same ethical nihilism it causes them to adopt in war. The government knew, prior to going to war, that it would be turning men and women into murderers—and it didn’t care. It knew that innocent people, like your daughter, might get hurt as a result—and it didn’t care.

    Not all of the victims of this unnecessary war are located in the Middle East. Your daughter, and many other Americans, are victims as well. Not only must we punish Acevedo for his heinous crime, we must also bring a close to this horrible war that, as Mr. McManigal points out, breaks down the moral prohibition on killing people.

    I wish you and your family the best.

    Alex Peak

  6. i am not sure who that person was above, but she is definetly not my grandma who is my aunt mollie’s mother. all i have to say to everyone above is you all have NO clue about this guy & for any of you to put a disorder on eric shows stupidity on all of your parts. if any of you knew the kind of low life creep eric was then you would know that he actually raped a girl in iraq! oh and before that he would obsessively call my aunt mollie up to 200 times a day and would tell her that if he couldnt have her no one could! i am pretty sure those arent signs of ptsd…wouldnt that come after iraq?? and edward owino, you are SUCH a low life to say what an awesome person eric is! you OBVIOUSLY don’t know him!!! to say someone that murdered another person, is one of the “coolest guys” you know already shows me the kind of person you are!

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