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Tom Knapp Attacks The Fair Tax

In Congress, Economics, Republican, Taxation on March 29, 2008 at 7:08 pm

Tom Knapp (L) is running for United States House in Missouri’s 2nd district and he has already started to go after his Republican opponent, Todd Akin, for co-sponsoring Fair Tax legislation.

The following are concerns Tom Knapp has mentioned about the Fair Tax:

First and foremost, understand this: The “Fair Tax” is not a tax cut. Its proponents claim that it is “revenue neutral,” i.e. that Americans would pay just as much in taxes through the “Fair Tax” as they did through the taxes it replaced.

Secondly, the “Fair Tax” would put America on the dole. Every man, woman and child in the United States would receive a monthly check from the government. In theory, that check would represent an advance rebate (proponents call it a “prebate”) of part of the tax. In fact, eligibility for the check would be completely unconnected to actual payment of the tax.

Thirdly, while proponents claim that the “Fair Tax” would “eliminate the IRS,” exactly the opposite is true. A federal tax bureaucracy would still be required to administer the “prebate” program, and to police interstate tax fraud and “prebate” fraud … and fifty more bureaucracies would have to be created to assess and collect the tax at the state level.

Fourthly, proponents of the “Fair Tax” are deceptive in describing how large it would be. They characterize it as a 23% sales tax, when in fact it is a 30% tax.

He then goes on to give this opinion of what the Fair Tax could do to the American economy:

Finally, there’s a good chance that the “Fair Tax” would wreck the American economy in transition. The tax is assessed on new, but not used, goods. Care to guess what will happen to our nation’s automotive and homebuilding industries when the price of new cars and homes jumps by 30% and the price of used cars and homes doesn’t? Time and supply/demand will eventually bring the prices of used goods back into proportion with those of new goods … but until we get there, whole sectors of the economy will be, at best, on life support.

Click here to read Tom Knapp’s full post on the Fair Tax

Like Tom, I have many concerns about the Fair Tax. One concern is that those who have saved and invested their money are going to be taxed twice under a consumption tax. For example, if I have a Roth IRA I have already paid taxes on that money. When I spend the money I would once again have to pay taxes on that same money. In my opinion, we would greatly punish people who are being financially responsible.

While I would love to eliminate the IRS, I don’t think it is possible in the short term. I would prefer to cut spending, slowly cut taxes while at the same time paying down the national debt. The reason we cannot quickly cut taxes is that we have to cut spending first which is something the Bush administration failed to understand. The Bush administration and the Republican controlled Congress cut taxes, but refused to simultaneously cut spending and because of that we now have a huge deficit. Of course, many think a large surplus would be good, but that would result in less money going back into the economy which would not be good. When there is less money for the American people to spend there is less money to be invested in things such as new businesses which create employment. Instead, I prefer a small surplus each year to pay down the national debt. Until we cut spending and significantly lower taxes and the national debt I see no reason to give politicians any additional methods of collecting money.

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  2. Tom Knapp Running For Congress

    Libertarian blogger and publisher of Rational Review Tom Knapp is running for Congress, and he has already taken his first shot at the Republican incumbent and the FairTax.

  3. Though I don’t believe that the FairTax would make it financially uncomfortable at all for anyone but those gaming the current system (and those underground), I am less concerned about the effect on me in the middle of my life vs. my children and future generations. Realize that any product and service that we purchase here already embeds 22% on average of federal tax. Strip all of that out and then add the FairTax at consumption and it is nearly a wash with the following exceptions:

    1. A who live within our borders pay into the system (no more free ride for the underground and those who game the current system).
    2. No more upper threshhold for the wealthy on contributing to Social Security (current limits are around $97k for FICA)
    3. Complete untaxing of export items (great for local manufacturing)
    4. Level playinig field for local goods/services vs. imports that come into our country untaxed.



  4. I completely agree with Tom on this and wish him all the best in his congressional race. For more lambasting of the Fair Tax, just search “fair tax” on There are many, many reasons to be leary of this idea.

  5. I’m not a fan of the fair tax either. I’m stoked to hear that Tom has thrown his hat in the ring for MO US House! Go Tom!

  6. Every post here that is skeptical or against the FairTax comes from a position of ignorance, or ‘googled’ misinformation. Sorry folks, but you just have not done your home work. The (btw Mises died in 1971). The article by Vance is typical blather from those skew the truth about the FairTax. If you want to tear apart the FairTax the best way to do it would be to try and rebut the rebuttals, and not blindly embrace someone like Vance who is either misinformed, ignorant, or is deliberately misrepresenting the FairTax Act (HR-25/S.1025) There are tons of rebuttals to Vance’s skewed arguments this is just one

    If you actually go to the FairTax website you will find 38 rebuttals to the skeptics and spinners . Vance’s criticisms are not new or profound because Mises posted them — they are typical of those from the left fighting for the intrusive IRS which is in place for one reason only and that is to keep the politicians in power, especially the liberal ones.

  7. Instead of all of this ignorant blathering about the FairTax, why not just go to website and investigate on your own what the FairTax really is – not what you think it is. There is ~$25 in research clearly represented there.

    For those not too lazy to read start here:

  8. Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the images on this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

  9. e juice reviews Tom Knapp Attacks The Fair Tax | Last Free Voice

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