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Eugenics being promoted to prevent child abuse

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EugenicsI ran across the following comment on a newspaper’s reader comments section:

ARRRG!… I’ve said it before and I will stand by it. Some people do not deserve to have children. It should be mandatory that when a girl get her period they go on birth control and when they are ready to have a kid someone has to come and check out the living conditions and a mental exam has to be administered to both parents and they have to pass and then they grant you permission to have a child. I personally think it would save a lot of children. Being a woman myself and seeing this type of stuff I am all for it. IGNORANCE IS PREVENTABLE!!!

Why on earth would anyone living in the United States harbor the belief that the government should have total control over everyone’s life, including their most basic right, to reproduce?

While I do understand that child abuse is a very serious problem in this country, the solution is the exact opposite of what she proposes. If everyone took responsibility for their own lives, there would be no child abuse or neglect. Obviously, total personal responsibility is merely a philosophical ideal, since there will always be those who refuse to step up and take responsibility. Nevertheless, the failure of the few to take responsibility for their lives does not negate the right of the many to do so, without government interference.

The same people who harbor such beliefs would likely scream to high heaven if the mother in question – who abused her infant after losing her temper when the baby cried for days on end – had undergone an abortion rather than giving birth to a child she likely did not want, and definitely could not handle. Regardless of what the uninformed among us believe, giving a child up for adoption carries a stigma as well. Many times a pregnant woman finds herself in the position that she’s damned if she does have the child, and she’s damned if she doesn’t have the child, due to social pressures.

I don’t have the answer to this dilemma, but I do know that government control over reproduction is not the answer. After all, many otherwise completely normal mothers lose their tempers with crying infants, socioeconomic status notwithstanding, so governmental control would not stop the problem. That does not excuse the behavior, but it does prove that the suggestion made above is rather ignorant; though strangely, she attributes ignorance to those who dare disagree with her.

If denying the government the ability to grant or deny such a basic human right as reproduction is her definition of ignorance, I will gladly bear the title.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not excusing the mother for abusing her child; far from it, in fact, since I find the abuse of the helpless to be the most heinous crime of all. However, there is an undercurrent in this country, with its basis in extremist religious beliefs and the far right, which uses child abuse cases as an excuse to advocate that the government take total control over the reproductive lives of its citizens. These extremists do not understand that government must be controlled, and never given carte blanche to do whatever it wants. Yet they would grant the government the right to decide who can reproduce, and when they can reproduce; and as history has proven, in no time the government would turn that power into a eugenics program wherein the poor – which by necessity would include many minorities – would not be permitted to reproduce at all. That’s absolutely insane.

I fear for the future of this country, when I read such comments. Perhaps it is easier for some if they don’t have to take any responsibility whatsoever for their lives; but when they are openly and actively advocating total government control over others’ lives, they have gone too far. As libertarians we have a responsibility to speak out, loudly and clearly, against anyone who would openly advocate such bizarre government programs. We have a responsibility to educate others about the very real dangers of giving the government too much control over our lives, whether we run across the statist mindset online, or in our personal lives. As libertarians, we must spread the word of liberty, even if only to one person at a time.

  1. ENM, we need to differentiate between positive & negative eugenics. How about a voluntary program that rewards life-affirmative policies & behaviors & penalizes negative? & makes use of advances in medicine & technology?

  2. [Why on earth would anyone living in the United States harbor the belief that the government should have total control over everyone’s life, including their most basic right, to reproduce?] Because we have forgotten the horrors of Nazi Germany and the role eugenics played in influencing Hitler to create a perfect race.

  3. Hi, Robert. Reproduction is a basic human right. I therefore would never agree to reward or penalize anyone based upon their reproductive decisions, nor would I ever agree to influence their reproductive decisions in any way.

    Furthermore, Eugenics is at best pseudo-science. According to (negative) Eugenics, I should never have been born, since my mother was a prostitute and my father was a schizophrenic; I was an undesirable, and my parents were both undesirables. Yet according to (positive) Eugenics, I myself should have as many children as possible, since I am financially successful and have an IQ well above the genius threshold.

    Eugenics may seem like it should work, but in reality it doesn’t. There are far too many variables which cannot be controlled.


    Let Us Spread The Truth, Freedom, Love And Peace all over the world

    Our world is filled with evil, wars, poverty, social, economic and political as well as sexual problems, suffering and misery today because we are divided and we let these divisions force us to fight among ourselves and destroy one another.

    This is foolish because all of us are the children of God and the universe and have cosmic roles to play to maintain order in the Cosmos.

    If people all over the world can forget the color of their skins, religions, politics, genders, races, ethnicities, countries, states, professions, classes, and personal biases and join hands with each other to work towards spreading Truth, Love and Peace around the world, we can stop wars, crimes, injustices, abuses, discriminations, poverty, suffering and transform our world into a paradise for all to enjoy.

    There is strength in unity. If we join hands and work together, we can change our world and make it safer, better and more enjoyable by: stopping human rights abuse, stop civil rights abuse, stop children abuse, children molestation, children murder, stop the abuse of women, stop sexual exploitation of women through pornography movies, stop human trafficking and prostitution, stop domestic violence, stop abuse and destruction of families by Child Protective Services, clean up the foster care system, clean up the children adoption services to cut down on children abuse, stop child sexual molestation, stop bestiality which is animal rape by animal lovers, stop animal abuse, stop violence in the world, stop crimes in the world, stop the breeding of illegitimate children, stop abuse of women in Islamic world, stop suicide bombing and terrorism using children, work for world peace, prosperity, world health, solve environmental pollution problems, stop wars, work for green living, stop the spread of nuclear and atomic weapons, stop WMD, stop the infection of man made viruses, make United Nations competent and effective, protect human beings from UFOs abductions and genetic engineering experiments, start monitoring biotechnology activities, raise awareness of biohazard issues, find cure for cancer and other debilitating diseases, stem cell research, diabetic research, start the economic development of developing countries, (World Economic Development WED), stop poverty in the world, solve Middle East problems, help people start their own businesses, create more jobs for people all over the world.

    This world is ours and it is our responsibility to take good care of it or we shall lose it and become homeless!!!

  5. “Protect human beings from UFO abductions”? Is that a real problem for you?

  6. [Is that a real problem for you?] Oh, I laughed and laughed until my eyes were watering. Thanks for brightening my day ~

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