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The real ‘green’ candidate for president: Dr. Ron Paul

In Environment, Global Warming on October 27, 2007 at 9:23 am

What we call “environmentalists” aren’t environmentalists at all. They are communists. They hate private property and want to effectively abolish it so that all lands may be collectively governed according to “green” principles.

The real environmentalists are libertarians, and this in-depth interview on the environment with Ron Paul proves it. The interviewer, Amanda Griscom Little, did a great job in asking questions that allowed Dr. Paul to articulate free-market environmentalist principles. Here are some highlights.

On energy policy:

I would say that the reliance on the government to devise a policy is a fallacy. I would advocate that the free market take care of that. The government shouldn’t be directing research and development because they are bound and determined to always misdirect money to political cronies. The government ends up subsidizing things like the corn industry to develop ethanol and it turns out that it’s not economically feasible. So, my answer to energy is to let the market work. Let supply and demand make the decision. Let prices make the decision.

On environmental protection:

Governments don’t have a good reputation for doing a good job protecting the environment. If you look at the extreme of socialism or communism, they were very poor environmentalists. Private property owners have a much better record of taking care of the environment. If you look at the common ownership of the lands in the West, they’re much more poorly treated than those that are privately owned. In a free-market system, nobody is permitted to pollute their neighbor’s private property — water, air, or land. It is very strict.

On abolishing the EPA:

Environmental protection in the U.S. should function according to the same premise as “prior restraint” in a newspaper. Newspapers can’t print anything that’s a lie. There has to be recourse. But you don’t invite the government in to review every single thing that the print media does with the assumption they might do something wrong. The EPA assumes you might do something wrong; it’s a bureaucratic, intrusive approach and it favors those who have political connections.

On the threat posed by global warming:

I think war and financial crises and big governments marching into our homes and elimination of habeas corpus — those are immediate threats. We’re about to lose our whole country and whole republic! If we can be declared an enemy combatant and put away without a trial, then that’s going to affect a lot of us a lot sooner than the temperature going up.

There’s much more, but I don’t want to quote the entire interview. The interviewer comes from a more typical leftist “environmentalist” perspective, and she is clearly taken aback by Ron Paul’s answers. But she can’t help but offer him at least some faint praise for his free-market ideas — which were clearly foreign to her. Read the entire interview.

  1. I have so many disagreements with reactionary Ron Paul on so many issues, my mind is reeling. Let me collect my thoughts & get back. RP green? NOT.

  2. In addition to his various mental deficiencies, newscaster-stalking addiction, etc., Dr. Milnes is also color-blind, or at least color-confused. He sees the color Red as Green. Ron Paul is not Red, so in the Hilterian-Milnes mind, that means he’s not Green.

    Dr. Milnes: How much more “green” can you get that allowing ZERO pollution? Reactionary? Read a history book. Classical liberalism is the furthest thing from “reactionary.” It is radical. Your Progressive Fascism is the reactionary creed.


    Go find a Communist blog (i.e. from the Green Party) and pollute its space.

  3. Dr. Smith, stowaway space villain, you are reactionary too. This is the amazing difference between the left & right libertarian. & why the strategy calls for a left libertarian. Left libertarians are progressive. I think the more RP/RP campaigns the more people will figure this out & he’ll lose support. & an RP third party run guarantees Billary. So, the sooner “Free of Ron Paul Day” Feb. 5 comes to relieve us, the better.

  4. Reactionaries are opponents of change. Ron Paul is the most radical candidate for president.

    Reactionaries are opponents of liberalism. Ron Paul is by far the most liberal, in the classical sense, of all candidates for president. And the term “reactionary” dates back to the time when liberalism really meant liberalism — limited government, individual freedom, etc.

    You are not a left-libertarian, Milnes. paulicannoli is a left-libertarian. Knappster is a left-libertarian. You are a fascist/communist. Progressivism is the political philosophy of murder. No libertarian would ever call him/herself a “progressive.” Your knowledge of history is almost as weak as your knowledge of terminology and political philosophy, which in turn, are almost as weak as your understanding of economics.

    Do you have a sick sexual fetish where you get off on being told what a disgrace to humanity you are? I think this is your new hobby, since your last one — sexually stalking female newscasters — got you in trouble. Well I’m not going to provide you with any additional mastubatory fodder. It’s going to be hard, but I’m going to ignore Milnes from this point on.

  5. GES, I’m getting a bone just thinking about my next reply to your drivel & sticking it to you.

  6. GES, it shouldn’t be hard to ignore me. I do not exist, remember?

  7. good point, g.e.:

    “Your knowledge of history is almost as weak as your knowledge of terminology and political philosophy, which in turn, are almost as weak as your understanding of economics.”

    there is still a free market in ideas and opinions are a homogeneous supply. any idea fills the need to have an opinion as well any other, so people tend to buy cheap and in bulk. mr. milnes falls into the same category as 90%+ of the rest of society. they can’t separate themselves from emotional reactionism and are simply unwilling to do the work necessary to understand logical theory. thus, they stick to those ideas that are easy to grasp and usually wrong, like the various collectivist non-philosophies. pretend intellectuals, all of them.

  8. Robert Milnes is about the farthest thing from a real Libertarian as you could get.

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