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Rapper Nas, The N-word Apologist.

In History, Personal Responsibility on October 19, 2007 at 9:58 pm

It looks like title of Rapper Nas’s new album will be called “N****r”.

There were reports that his label, Def Jam, had scuttled the title idea. But Nas told MTV that he has had no opposition from the label, and said his intent in naming the album the N-word was to take the sting out of it.

“The title using the ‘N’ word is morally offensive and socially distasteful. Nas has the right to degrade and denigrate in the name of free speech, but there is no honor in it,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson said in a news release.

For the first time in years, I’m actually in agreement with Jesse Jackson when he says that there is no honor in the use of the n-word. African-Americans are not empowered by the liberal use of the racial epithet within our communities. Like I want to be reminded everyday of a word that is as degrading as the white racists who created it’s use. The real honor is to not use the n-word at all and bury the use of the word into non-existence.

“We’re taking power from the word,” he added. “No disrespect to none of them who were part of the civil rights movement, but some … in the streets don’t know who (civil rights activist) Medgar Evers was … they know who Nas is,” the rapper said, referring to the civil rights leader slain in the 1960s.

“And to my older people who don’t know who Nas is and who don’t know what a street disciple is, stay outta this (expletive) conversation. We’ll talk to you when we’re ready. Right now, we’re on a whole new movement. We’re taking power from that word.”

Well, Mister Nas, instead of rapping about selling drugs, pimping hos and brag about how much bling-bling you have, why don’t you start rapping about those who made it possible to spit your filth on CDs. Use your voice on positive subjects to uplift our communities. If it weren’t for those who fought and died during the civil rights movement, NAS wouldn’t be making any money today as a rapper but as a bathroom attendant in some posh, upscale restaurant in Lower Manhattan.

To me, there is no difference when a white person or black person uses the n-word, I’m disgusted when I hear it either way.

  1. I’ve never heard Nas talk about “pimping” a “ho.”

    You don’t own him. He’s free to rap and write about what he wants and to serve the market’s desires.

    This post did sound a lot like Jesse Jackson. He thinks he owns Def Jam and everything else. He has no respect for private property or markets.

    Nas doesn’t owe anything to anyone who came before him. What kind of collectivist BS is this? You don’t know what he would have done if not for the Civil Rights Movement. You don’t know what would have happened in the absence of said Movement. Even under the conditions of American Apartheid, there were African-American entrepreneurs and entertainers. I find your assertion that he would be a menial worker to be highly offensive.

    Nas is a free individual. He doesn’t need to bow down to the commie Jesse Jackson or any of his socialist “egalitarian” peers.

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Neither you, nor Jesse Jackson, nor “society” controls words. Thankfully.

  2. ….and the use of the n-word is disrespectful, no matter who uses it right? He is no better than the ignorant asses before him. There is no collectivism about it G.E. Blacks complain that they are stuck in this rut with no way to get out…why don’t we start eliminating words that remind us of the painful past. Yes, Nas is an individual and I don’t have to buy his records BUT he could use his talents for better things. Obviously G.E. you don’t get it and I don’t expect you to either.

  3. Why do you “not expect me” to get it? What you don’t apparently get is that you don’t own or control Nas’s talents. This is like me saying, “I wish Dr. Johnson would use his talents to provide free healthcare instead of evilly trying to make money.”

    The “n-word” is not categorically disrespectful. I may find it disrespectful, and you clearly do, but Nas and others like him do not. Who uses the word may also impact whether the potential offended finds it disrespectful or not, however, to make that distinction based solely on race is racist itself, agreed.

    The collectivist aspect of your post is this notion that Nas owes something to people who came before him. This is the same thinking that goes into the “social contract” and other monstrosities. I mean, what are you proposing? That every African-American lives his or her life in the eternal debt and servitude of every abolitionist, every Civil Rights activist, etc., to ever come before him/her?

    And again, you misrepresent the nature of Nas’s music when you talk about “pimping hoes,” as if Nas is a wannabe Too Short. And yes, I’m a Too Short fan, too.

  4. GE…you still don’t get it. I’m not proposing that Nas should be forced to change his tune or lyrics, I’m hoping that he would be a little bit more positive with his lyrics at some time. The n-word is a racist word NO MATTER WHO uses it and it shows disrespect and disregard for others.

    I used to have every 2 Short album up until 95 then I found that some of his lyrics were utterly disgusting and distasteful especially when it came to prostitution. A woman who wants to sell her body doesn’t need to be sub-servant to a man who calls himself a pimp only to steal her hard earned money like the government does to you and I!

    If I call someone a cracka, peckerhead, honky, gook, slant-eyes, spic or bitch…I expect them to slap me for the ignorance that I displayed but I have much respect for the other people to at least call them by their first name.

  5. I saw the quoted article yesterday and was reminded of something I read a few months ago. The same topic was being discussed and someone recommended using the word more often, to dilute its meaning. And while on the surface that sort of shock treatment may appear an extreme anser, one can hardly doubt the desensitization of “damn,” “hell,” and “shit.”
    I am not suggesting this approach, I just found it an interesting suggestion. As long as the word we’re discussing has the power to shock and offend (when uttered by a white person), it will be still always be a sharp tool of bigotry.

    Chris, it was refreshing to hear someone say:

    “To me, there is no difference when a white person or black person uses the n-word”

    It has always disturbed me that a word so allegedly painful and degrading is thrown around without thought among those who are the first to feign offense.

    I am also a but confused by your decision to censor the word in your post, and use the media-friendly moniker “N-word,” yet close with writing out the popular slurs used against other races.

    I subscribe to the D.L. Hughley school of thought on this:

    It has never been about what somebody calls you, it’s what you answer to.

  6. The justification that Nas uses for using the “N” word was used by Lenny Bruce over 40 years ago when he had a routine using that word and others. It apparently didn’t take the sting out of it for some.

    I wouldn’t advocate censoring anyone’s speech, white or black, Lenny or Nas – and I don’t think Chris is advocating that either. I also don’t find the use of impolite language by the anti-PC folks to protest political correctness bold acts of dissent.

    I also find having an appreciation of those who came before you considered a form of collectivism a bit odd. In fact, rappers who give props to the old schoolers are doing just that – and many do that quite often.

  7. GES, stands on the shoulders of giants & still does not see=Nietzschean dwarf. “…to serve the market’s desires=Capitalist Whore. But maybe your genetic material has some value. Why don’t you volunteer to pay to have some cryogenically stored?

  8. “To serve the market’s desires” is to succeed. Who would engage in business and not try to sell a desired product or service? Are your lungs a whore to the brain, or simply performing a function as necessary to human survival as selling something people want or need is to survival in the world of commerce?

    The ill-informed reply to a basic plank of freedom smacks of the lazy, collectivist desire that someone else labor for your benefit. Those foolish enough to think they hate capitalism would do well to honestly imagine a world without it.

  9. I fully understand that Mr. Bennett is not advocating government censorship. I am objecting to his assertion that Nas owes anything to anyone for which he did not willingly contract. I’m also objecting to the throwaway line about “pimping a ho,” which is certainly not a significant aspect of Nas’s work. The other aspects that Mr. Bennett has derided are purely capitalist — selling drugs is doing nothing other than providing the market with products that are in demand, in spite of the government’s failed prohibition; and “bling bling” is nothing but hard assets that libertarians are supposed to want as a monetary basis.

    Too Short may rap about pimping hoes and even being violent towards women. I used to find Too Short’s music entertaining and enjoyable. I never pimped, procured a prostitute (which was strongly condemned by Too Short, by the way), or engaged in any violence against women. Wow. I most be some sort of anomaly. Oh, wait… No I’m not.

    The n-word is a racist word. It is a collectivist word. But if you are offended by the word is up to you. I am offended by all forms of collectivism, and thus, I’m offended by the word when used in a collectivist context, regardless of the user’s color of skin. But Jesse Jackson is 1,000 times the racist that Nas or Too Short is.

  10. Robert Milnes says that “serving the market’s desires” makes one a whore.

    And yet this person is a libertarian candidate for president? That is awesome.

    “Mankind does not drink alcohol because there are breweries, distilleries, and vineyards; men brew beer, distill spirits, and grow grapes because of the demand for alcoholic drinks.” — Ludwig Von Mises, another “capitalist whore”

    Anyone who does anything voluntarily, without government compulsion, in order to meet the needs or desires of others AND for the purpose of engaging in mutually beneficial, non-violent trade, is a “whore” according to our racist, would-be mass murdering tyrant “Llibertarian” progressive alliance president, Robert “Stalker” Milnes.


  11. Artus Register, a world without capitalism (anarchist) or minimalized capitalism (anarcho-libertarianism) IS THE IDEAL. So, yes, I’ve imagined it & seek it. Example: drug dealer provides goods & services to addicts for business reasons & personal gain. (& avoids taxes & eliminates-literally-competition). Are you going to hold that up as capitalism at its best? Whereas, a progressive government decriminalizes, then taxes & promotes programs for addiction to be a purely personal issue & medical problem.

  12. Yes! We need government to tax! Thank you for illuminating your progressive libertarianism!

    The drug dealer “eliminates” (literally) the competition BECAUSE OF PROHIBITION. In the absence of prohibition, there would be no black market. The CEO of Walgreen doesn’t “eliminate” (literally) the CEO of Rite Aid or CVS. Capitalism is peaceful. Progressivism = war.

    You wouldn’t understand. You want to literally alter man’s nature to make him conform to your Dr. Mengle fantasy. You want to steal the fruits of capitalism in order to implement your socialist/fascist/racist programs. You know there is no need or demand for your fascist fantasy programs, which is why the market doesn’t provide them, so you seek to rob, at gunpoint, honest and peaceful people to beneficently endow us with the great Milnesian Wisdom.

    The government has no business robbing me of my money to provide programs for some turd like you who is irresponsible with his consumption of drugs. If such a need for that service exists, the market will create a solution.

    The ultimate failure of the criminal justice system is the fact that you were ever allowed out of whatever institution housed you. I’ve never been an advocate of the death penalty, even for mentally deranged sex predators, but you make a strong case for it. If you lived in my neighborhood, I would fear for my safety and that of my family.

  13. GES, yes, but Mises did not go on to say,” So let’s sell as much booze as we can at as high a price as possible regardless of the consequences.” Did he?

  14. GES, & you want to gloss over man’s flawed nature & rationalize capitalism.

  15. GES, right. Death penalty for whoever the government can rationalize arrest & squeeze a guilty plea out of.

  16. What are the “consequences” of selling “as much booze at the highest price possible”? This is what Mises believed to be the moral and rational action of mankind.

    You think man’s “flawed nature” can be corrected by racist eugenics, deportations, and other communist/fascist activities. I do not believe man’s nature is flawed at all. I believe that collectivist thinking by the likes of you, control freaks who want to run others’ lives is the source of all the world’s problems.

    You are truly an insult to humanity. Your intellect is not even worthy of the Green Party, and that’s the lowest blow I can attempt to strike.

    Let’s say I’m a brewmaster. Of course my goal is to sell the most beer as possible at the highest price! Duh! So I set my price at $100 a bottle. No one buys it. I make no money. The “highest price,” in the absence of government interference, is the MARKET PRICE. In reality, the “highest price” is the LOWEST PRICE a brewmaker can afford to charge while still producing a normal profit, wherein there is competition in the marketplace. In the absence of government force, there will always be sufficient competition to keep prices low.

    So what are the consequences? Are people the mindless lab rats you make them out to be, who will spend all of their money on booze “regardless of the consequences” because of their “flawed nature”? No. They will spend just as much on booze as they choose to spend on booze. THEY WILL MAXIMIZE THEIR UTILITY.

    The only “consequence” progressive like Milnes are worried about is that people might be HAPPY and have less need for their “progressive” government.

    Of course, Milnes should be applauded for at least wanting to allow some alcohol consumption. His beloved forebearers, the “Progressives,” were behind Prohibition in the first place.

  17. GES, I don’t drink or do drugs. But I do swear once in a while, asshole.

  18. The same government that “harassed,” “squeezed a guilty plea” out of you is the one you want to run my life.

    I’m against the death penalty. But let’s just say I would protest less vocally if a fascist like you were being put to death by the same instrument you want to foist on the rest of the people of this country, i.e. the state.

  19. GES, you have at least one flaw. You “do not believe man’s nature is flawed at all.”

  20. GES, no, I wouldn’t wish that government on anyone, not even you.

  21. Mr. Milnes says: “…a world without capitalism (anarchist) or minimalized capitalism (anarcho-libertarianism) IS THE IDEAL.”

    Huh? Why would there be no capitalism in an anarchist world? To the contrary, laissez-faire capitalism would be one way society could exist and flourish.

    Now, a world without corporatism (typically called capitalism these days) would certainly not exist in an anarchist world.

    The market will decide whether the new Nas album, N—-R, is successful. My guess is that it will sell regardless of the title. This might indicate that younger people aren’t as offended by the “N” word as older people, thereby maybe giving some credence to the idea that repeated use of the word renders it more harmless.

    There is also the possibility that some younger people will embrace the album BECAUSE it offends older people – like their parents. Kids are suckers for anything that has shock value.

    I must confess – I played on a CD that contained a song called “Jesus Was A N—-r”. Although the message was anti-racist, it offended many people of all races and religions. The CD sold nearly a million copies less than one million.

  22. Oooops:

    Now, a world WITH corporatism (typically called capitalism these days) would certainly not exist in an anarchist world.

    or (better)

    Corporatism (typically called capitalism these days) would certainly not exist in an anarchist world.

  23. Tom Blanton, the nearest I can figure would be that in a leftist anarchist world, the economy would be some sort of combination of individual functionalism & social barter. Right libertarianism>laissez-faire capitalism.

  24. Robert, in a anarchist world, every individual or group of individuals would decide among themselves how they would conduct themselves. There would be no one system. Social barter is capitalism – in that capitalism in its most basic form is merely free trade.

    Laissez-faire is merely a free market and would allow any form of transaction participants wish to make.

    I might wish to obtain food through some sort of collective, pay one form of currency for clothes, pay another form of currency for transportation, and trade my labor for services requiring labor that I am unskilled at.

    The imagination is the limit. Left or right is merely another construct that limits choices. The beauty of anarchy is that there is no one system, left or right, imposed by some authority. I suppose, in the absence of coercion, those who insist on being governed could even have some sort of government – as long as they didn’t insist that it should have authority over everyone else. There could even be competing governments.

    In other words, things needn’t be this way OR that way, things can be this way AND that way. It merely requires minding your own business and allowing others to mind theirs.

  25. Re: “N word” – growing up we used this unthinkingly; my friends called me one (I am Russian Jewish, frequently mistaken for Hispanic, Arab, Italian or Greek) and I called them the same (most of them were Hispanic, some of all various so called races) and it was not an insult. I don’t use it now – I’ve long since grown out of that milieu.

    “Whiteboy” was more of an insult. It implied being weak and soft, and required extra street fighting and additional criminal activities to get past.

    Paradoxically, I found many racist “white” people didn’t consider me to be one, so the whole race thing always baffled me. I put down “human” on stupid regime forms that ask my “race”. Why should the regime perpetuate the half-baked pseudoscientific concept of human races?

  26. A woman who wants to sell her body doesn’t need to be sub-servant to a man who calls himself a pimp only to steal her hard earned money

    Sometimes, but not always true.

    Some pimps are abusive, just like some artist/talent managers are abusive. Others provide valuable managerial, promotional and protective services. Prostitutes may want managers for many of the same reasons that (other types of) entertainers do, and in addition, especially due to being illegal, it is a dangerous profession and a big part of what many pimps do is to be a bodyguard.

    Some women prefer to be subservient (just as some men do). You can speculate that this is due to violence or neglect in childhood, and in many cases be correct. But women have the right to make that choice, whether you consider it correct or not. Certainly it is true that some unscrupulous people take advantage of subservients, and pimps often fit this category.

  27. to serve the market’s desires=Capitalist Whore.

    Supposing this were true, which part do you have a problem with – Capitalist, or whore – and why?

  28. drug dealer provides goods & services to addicts for business reasons & personal gain.

    Been there, done that. So?

    (& avoids taxes

    Why would that be a bad thing? I avoid extortion whenever possible.

    & eliminates-literally-competition).

    Sounds like the regime.

    Are you going to hold that up as capitalism at its best?

    All but the “literally” part, which, as others have pointed out above, is merely a predictable consequence of prohibition. Now that alcohol has been relegalized, alcohol dealers no longer engage in this type of behavior, and dealers of drugs will no longer engage in it once prohibition on those drugs also ends.

    Whereas, a progressive government decriminalizes, then taxes & promotes programs for addiction to be a purely personal issue & medical problem.

    Why do we need a progressive disease to extract taxes under duress, and why do we need a coercive monopoly to promote programs for addiction?

    Twelve step programs and many other approaches to managing addiction thrive on their own.

  29. pauliecannoli Says: “Whiteboy” was more of an insult.

    I use the term “whiteboy” as an insult – and I am a blue-eyed white guy – much in the same way a black person might call another black person a “negro” as an insult to describe a “whiteboy” who happens to be black.

    Another intersting thing is the question of whether someone is black enough, most recently asked about Obama. I’ve never heard anyone ask if someone is white enough. However, the question of whether a person is too white comes up from time to time – among white people. Mitt Romney, Pat Boone, Hank Hill come to mind. This correlates back to the “whiteboy” thing.

  30. Oh yeah, The Brady Bunch – whiter than white and pretty scary.

    The thing, beyond words, that offends me is the “white man’s burdon” thing that many whites suffer from. That being the sincere belief that whites are superior to non-whites and therefore whites must intervene in the lives of non-whites to “help” them.

    We are seeing that rationalization being used in part for the imperialism taking place in the Mideast now. There are those who truly believe that we are bringing freedom to Iraqis. This is an insidious form of racsim in that most people don’t recognize it as racism and it may actually be far more dangerous than overt racism.

  31. GES, stands on the shoulders of giants & still does not see=Nietzschean dwarf. “…to serve the market’s desires=Capitalist Whore. But maybe your genetic material has some value. Why don’t you volunteer to pay to have some cryogenically stored?

    Capitalist whore is servant of JewGod. Evil capitalists do not understand linear time and are educated stupid and must be killed. Nature’s harmonious 4-sided TimeCube is the only truth.

  32. Capitalist whore is servant of JewGod. Evil capitalists do not understand linear time and are educated stupid and must be killed. Nature’s harmonious 4-sided TimeCube is the only truth.

    HA! “Dr.” Gene Ray is hilarious, especially since he is dead serious.

    At least Gene has given a lecture to the physics department at Georgia Tech. Can Mr. Milnes claim that anyone has asked for him to speak anywhere?

  33. Chris, too bad Edward Teller died recently. We could go to one of his lectures on using nuclear devices for building a deepwater port in Alaska or extracting oil from oilshale.

  34. Just curious… what would be the purpose of a deepwater port in Alaska? Oil exports? Or perhaps freshwater exports? They were looking into exporting icebergs to the Middle East and other dry areas a while back, whatever happened to that?

  35. I’ve never heard anyone ask if someone is white enough.

    I have.

  36. I don’t know, Paul. With Ali G or even Eminem, I think people are asking if they are too white, not whether they are white enough. They may be asking themselves if they are black enough. Except Ali G isn’t really Ali G, but if he were real …

    But, I would say that Ali G is keepin’ it real, even though he is fake.

  37. Ali G aka Sascha Baron Cohen is a Persian Jew, I’m pretty sure. Not “white” by most standards, though perhaps technically. No more “white” than Ayatollah Khomeni.

  38. from wikipedia

    His father, originally from Wales,[3] owns a menswear shop in Piccadilly. His paternal grandfather was born in Pontypridd. His mother, who teaches a school of movement, was born in Israel,[4] and is of Iranian origin. His maternal grandmother, who now lives in Haifa, Israel,[5] was an acclaimed ballet dancer from Germany.[6][7][8]

  39. Now, here is a jewish guy that is way too white:

  40. nsxjrciz nbwpxfq hntrulpqj kjzsp znbkurgfs jiwkl osrhfc

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