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Now for that big announcement…….

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Since I have put many of you in suspense, I’m going to come right out and tell you what the big surprise has been over the last few weeks. I’m announcing my candidacy for the Libertarian Party’s 2008 Vice-Presidential Nomination.

A little background about me: I have been a libertarian activist for almost 16 years, helping Libertarian and small l-libertarian candidates throughout the years. I was Aaron Russo’s scheduling coordinator during his run for the 2004 LP Presidential nomination. I am 35 and married with two children. I’m a senior at University of Illinois at Springfield pursuing a degree in political studies and a minor in economics and I graduate in May, 2008, two weeks before the national convention in Denver. I am currently the Legislative Chair for the Libertarian Party of Illinois. I have fought for for better ballot access for third parties in Illinois, which according to Richard Winger over at Ballot Access News, has one of the most difficult ballot access laws in this country for third parties.

I will not make promises I can not keep. I do not have 200,000 dollars in future contributions and I am not endorsed by a famous dead person. However there are some promises I will keep:

I am strongly against the invasion and the “police action” in Iraq and will help push for an anti-war resolution at the Denver Convention.

I am against a fair tax and I will continue to fight to decrease the tax burden for all Americans.

I will continue to fight to restore our civil liberties and constitutional rights and fight to eliminate the Patriot Act, the Real ID Act, the Military Commissions Act and the North American Union.

As an African-American, I will use my candidacy to recruit more minorities and women into the libertarian movement.

As a soon-to-be college graduate, I will continue to convince younger voters and non-voters that the Libertarian Party is the future not the two “boot on your neck” parties and use my candidacy to re-energize libertarian college campus and local organizations across the country.

If I am nominated, I will help/assist state parties on getting our presidential ticket on their respective state ballots.

If I am nominated, I will assist serious Libertarian candidates running for office in all facets of their campaign across the country.

The days of a dormant Libertarian Party VP candidate are over. Our VP candidate should be as active as our Presidential candidate and I will proudly work with whoever you choose as our Presidential candidate in order to spread our message of liberty and freedom to the American people.

My e-mail is and if you want to talk to me personally via phone, e-mail me and leave your number and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thank you and I hope I will get a lot of support heading into the National Convention in Denver. Thank you ahead for your support!

Chris Bennett

Update: I have my new website/blog up now plus a Yahoo group all set up. Campaign announcements will be published there as well as here in the upcoming weeks.