Steve G.

Just couldn’t resist ……

In George Bush, Humor on July 20, 2007 at 11:50 am

Yahoo Breaking News

WASHINGTON (AP) President Bush will have a routine colonoscopy on Saturday at his mountaintop retreat at Camp David, Md, his spokesman says.


I guess he’s lost his head again, and they’re trying to find it.

  1. During the procedure, we will be living under the reign of President Cheney, thanks to an invocation of a 25th Amendment power.

    Exciting times, no?

  2. Fortunately I was not drinking Dr. Pepper when I saw this, so I didn’t snort it out my nose and all over the monitor.

    I was, however, smoking a cigarette and ended up in a five-minute coughing fit. YOUR FAULT!

  3. Quit Smoking! Haven’t you heard your nanny today?

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