Steve G.

Vote or Die, Bitch!

In Big Brother, Celebrities, Civil Liberties, Communism, Constitutional Rights, Democracy, Fraud, History, Humor, Law Enforcement, Media, Music, Personal Responsibility, Police State, Politics, Terrorism on June 5, 2007 at 3:48 pm

Since I gave Michelle a hat tip earlier, might as well make it a pair. (It’s easier to get away with staring with my hat tipped low). Something is making me think of Michelle and pairs today. Not sure what that is. Wait, don’t tell me, I almost got it figured out….damn, I forgot again. What was it, I wonder? Anyway. A wolf, a sheep, and a wolf in sheep’s clothing went in the polling booth….did I mention voting was mandatory in the USSR?

  1. Haha.

  2. Are you laughing with me or at me?

    I’m all paranoid about that now after I got this comment today on facebook…

    at first i was like… who is this creep with a shady picture trying to infiltrate my friends list?!? and then i saw that is was you….

    hey are you laughing? cause i’m not laughing at you, you see… i am laughing with you… right?

    ok, maybe i am laughing at you, wouldn’t be the first. face it paul, your just so damn funny
    keep smile’n

  3. LOL! Classic South Park!

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