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Some wanker needs blog traffic, starts fight

In Humor, Libertarian on February 17, 2007 at 2:29 pm

I don’t know if any of you remember someone named Greg Dirasian, but if you do… apparently he’s taken enough time off writing Rothbard/Rand “purity” slashfic his political opinions to take a potshot at us.

Yesterday, I was doing a Google search on another topic and I came across a “Libertarian” blog, It made me embarassed that I was ever associated with the Libertarian Party. The authors on the blog were sitting around congratulating themselve on being great free speech advocates — and almost every single blog posting contained a profanity.

The semi-literate authors, seem to be short of adjectives. Thus, instead of describing something that is very big as either “enormous” or “vast” or “gigantic” or “massive” or “gargantuan” or “huge” or “mammoth” or “titanic” or “colossal”, they seem only to be able to describe it as “fucking big.” As advocates of free speech, these people cannot be taken seriously. The public will NEVER be swayed by people with such a poor grasp of the language and the public will NEVER take seriously those who cannot get past profanity.

Oh man oh man oh MAN where to begin. First off, while we’re on the subject of trying to sound like a goddamn Oxford professor, I could point out your use of the word “themselve” or the grammatically-incorrect “The semi-literate authors, seem to be short of adjectives.” But focusing on someone’s speech instead of their ideas would just be petty, now wouldn’t it bucko?

So let’s talk about ideas. The idea of this blog is to appeal to anyone and everyone who calls themselves a libertarian. Many of us DON’T swear, many of us are “purists” just like you when it comes to political philosophy. We’re pretty diverse, actually.

For you to paint all of us with such a huge brush tells me one thing-the idea behind your site is to insult anything and everything that’s doing well in libertarian circles. Maybe it’s because you want more traffic for your laughable cookie-cutter blog. (Kudos on rocking the whole “I have a stock pic with words on it, just like everyone else on WordPress!” scene, BTW.) Maybe it’s because you’re the grownup libertarian version of those pretentious indie kids who hate any band that’s ever been loved by more than five people, and hating anything popular makes you feel special. Maybe it’s because you really DO write Rothbard/Rand slashfic, I dunno. (“Oh Murray, deregulate my clothing!” “Sorry Ayn, I exercised my right of self-medication a little too much tonight and yeah… the market collapsed.”)

The fact that I’m cracking really lame jokes right here ought to tell you just how much of a damn I give about your cutesy little opinion. Keep on keepin’ on with all three of your readers, and please talk more shit about us! It makes us giggle.

  1. I would say that any author who doesn’t indulge in occasional judicious use of profanity is out of touch with the way ordinary Americans typically communicate. That doesn’t mean you have to write stuff that reads like a transcript of an Andrew Dice Clay routine — but still. Dirasian’s a pretentious fuckin’ snot.

  2. BTW, Last Free Voice added to blogroll. Would appreciate reciprocal link(s) at your option to my personal blog and/or and/or

  3. Brad:

    I would love to add those and a bunch of others to the blogroll, but I never really got a clear answer from Stuart as to whether it was wide open for all the bloggers here to add stuff to the blogroll.

    BTW add this too….

    I have you in my blogroll already on there, although the roll needs to be cleaned up and refurbished.

    It’s one of those things I’ve been putting off as I have gotten busy with the Steve Kubby for President campaign.

    I know you are anti-electoral politics, but it’s my job to ask; we need a real webmaster. Tom Knapp has been filling in, just as I’ve been filling in as temporary campaign manager, but we need to recruit people who are better than us.

    Any interest at all in helping us out?

  4. Brad, I’ve added your two sites.

    Paulie, I asked the Stuart the same question recently and he basically said to go ahead as long as we’re not linking to complete “nutso” (i.e. Gene Chapman) sites. I’m quite sure Stuart won’t have any objections to these.

  5. Didn’t this wacknut try to fight HoT as well?

  6. Yep, same dude.

    See my comments on the “:-|” thread.

  7. So, I guess we won’t be adding to the Blogroll. Wacknuts not allowed!

  8. Actually this guy (as “The Bikemessenger”) was screwing around on the LP blog for awhile too.

  9. Bikemessenger is a different guy, R. Noval, who was tending Dirasian’s site while Dirasian was busy doing other stuff.

  10. We can reciprocate links with these guys, no problem. Pretty much link anyone up who asks who’s libertarian, or at least reasonably close and reciprocating.

  11. You know you’re doing something right when folks diss you on their blog! Way to go!

  12. motherfucker what can I say?

  13. Nigel Watt Says:
    February 17th, 2007 at 7:41 pm

    “Actually this guy (as “The Bikemessenger”) was screwing around on the LP blog for awhile too.”

    Yes, I do on rare occasions take a pot shot at that sorry little backwater. But neither Greg nor I are in a position to regard it as a venue for serious discussion, as we have both found that criticism of the management will get one’s comments deleted and blocked.

    Paulie is correct. Greg Dirasian and I (Robert Noval, aka RNoval, aka “The Bikemessenger”) are two distinct and different individuals.

    Where we rarely if ever differ is on political issues.

    Smallgov is Greg’s blog, to which he kindly affords me access.

    I’ve been complaining about being the only active writer on the blog for the past few months, so I was delighted to find something posted by Greg.

    I’m also glad to see Greg hasn’t lost his knack for finding the thin skin and getting under it.


    “The idea of this blog is to appeal to anyone and everyone who calls themselves a libertarian.”

    Hmm…certainly a marked distinction to smallgov. We appeal rather to those who ARE Libertarian:

    not those who merely apply the bumper sticker

    as it enhances decor.

    MR. MAYER:

    “…I guess we won’t be adding to the Blogroll. Wacknuts not allowed!”

    You may do as you please. We, however, will not be intimidated out of freely expressing our views, particularly on our own blog; we will speak our minds, with all sincerity, consequences be damned, yes, including what I surmise is the (apparently, in these parts) prohibitively fearsome—unpopularity.

    You all are, of course, welcome to post your views at smallgov, as we are loathe to block commentary, as Mr. Dondero, I’m sure, will attest.

    And BTW, in case anyone is curious, I am a real-life bikemessenger:

    —The Bikemessenger

  14. Robert,

    I don’t think any of us are interested in intimidating you out of freely expressing your views. Personally, I agree with your views. (I don’t agree with Greg’s criticism of Loretta, Hammer of Truth when it was up, or this site, but that is a separate matter). Expressing views freely is what this site is all about, after all.

    I don’t know to what extent LP blog is truly censored. It does send a lot of comments into the spam filter and a lot of times it is hard to figure out why. We have the same problem here, but I manage to pull comments like yours above – and some of mine – out of the spam filter; Steve Gordon may just be too busy to do that.

    In my own experience Steve is a big proponent of open expresseion – he set up an LP of Alabama site (way before he worked at national) where users had our own blogs, and I expressed my extremist views on a regular basis. He also was instrumental in popularizing Hammer of Truth, which had a freewheling commentary, as do we.

    Matthew Dailey was running the LP blog for a while, he’s gone now (including, I heard, from the party) so policies may have changed.
    I’ve heard rumors that the LP blog is content-censored, but I have not personally experienced it. Right now I am possibly the most frequent commenter there.

    I tried to post something to smallgov blog one time, and it did not post there.

    I’m also glad to see Greg hasn’t lost his knack for finding the thin skin and getting under it.


    I like the freewheeling atmosphere here and the opportunity it provides to discuss my ideas with those who are striving for liberty but picture it, or the path there, differently from me.

    We still have much more in common with each other ideologically than we do with most people who are not here.

    Oh, yeah, and I like to curse. So fucking what? I think my views would hold up just fine without it; it’s rather like adding spicing to food. If the food would taste like shit without the spicing, you are not doing it right.

    As for Eric’s comment – it’s downright ridiculous. He has received plenty of proof that Rohrabacher was not the founder of the Libertarian movement.
    He claims to have been friends with Murray Rothbard and Karl Hess, among others; what does he think, that they were disciples of Rohrabacher? The fact that he keeps repeating this bullshit tells you all you need to know about him.

    As does the fact that he openly called himself a bullshitter. Or that he maliciously disrespected my privacy at third party watch. Or that he thinks Rudolf Giuliani is a libertarian.

    But enough about Eric.


    is exactly the kind of activism we need more of. Here is another example:

    It doesn’t require a lot of money or people to do.

  15. Mr. Noval, I don’t know you or Mr. Dirasian, so I’ll defer to others around here to decide whether is worthy of linking to or is indeed the work of “wacknuts”. In any case, choosing not to link to one’s blog is a far cry from your description, “… intimidated out of freely expressing our views.”

  16. Oh dear, seems I have lowered the tone around here, ay wat? Frightfully sorry, old beans. How absolutely dreadful if I have offended, effendis! I shall wear my Homer Simpson butt plug ALL day as an act of contrition…ooo…sooooo naughty:-) As an aside, I can’t believe how sneeringly amused I was to be chastised for swearing, by a …Libertarian? NO, a pursed lipped grammarian, a “Polly Wants A Cracker” talking head, rather. SIGH, why are people so unkind, Paulie?

  17. ”Oh Murray, deregulate my clothing!” “Sorry Ayn, I exercised my right of self-medication a little too much tonight and yeah… the market collapsed.”

    Check out the only play Murray ever published, about Ayn.

  18. Cannoli – that was as funny as all hell! I quite like Raimondo, his anger & energy. Not as furious as Taibbi but both are Hunteresque (if that’s a word:-)

  19. Paulie –
    OMG – I’m reading that play and it is cracking me up! I prefer Rothbard over Rand – but in a sense – it took me reading Rand to get to Rothbard so I dig some of what she has to say.

    As if I thought Murray could not be any more BRILLIANT – I have found yet another amazing work from him.

    I seriously want to do this play….. I wonder if anyone else is interested.

  20. As far as I have known it was only performed once.

    Might be a fun thing to produce again.

    Maybe at the LP convention, if we can find some actors in the meantime.

  21. I think Michelle could carry off “Carson Sand” mainly because she has dark hair and I can see her with a gold fancy cigarette holder. I think it would be a BLAST!

  22. I do know how to be an asshole. ;o)

  23. It’s pretty easy. Just talk a lot of shit, and you got it down.

  24. You all are, of course, welcome to post your views at smallgov, as we are loathe to block commentary, as Mr. Dondero, I’m sure, will attest.

    I took Mr. Noval at his word, and posted the comment which follows his (quoted above) on smallgov blog. My comment also referred to Tim West’s claim that posts are content-censored at smallgov blog.

    This comment, posted a day or two ago, was up until just a few minutes ago, when it vanished along with my subsequent comment.

    In between, RNoval replied to me as follows; as of this writing, that comment is still posted, but not what it was replying to, nor my first reply to it.


    I attempted to post the following comment at the so-called “Libertarian” Party’s site, to which Paulie refers in comment #7 above.

    Too bad it’s not basketball; I’d get the score on the goal tend, and a trip to the free throw line.


    What I said on your blog was:

    “You all are, of course, welcome to post your views at smallgov, as we are loathe to block commentary, as Mr. Dondero, I’m sure, will attest.”

    As I had in the comment directly addressed a number of the other commenters by name, I meant to imply that that referred to present company, not necessarily everyone. It is not MY policy to block ANYONE’S commentary.

    However, I am not the admin. He has his own reasons and preferences. I am not aware of his ever blocking commentary at any of my postings, however.

    And note that I said “we are loathe” not “we do not”.

    As for “…the pedantic Dirasian”, Greg and I are very different people, with very different writing styles. Those who lack the patience for my pompous turgiditys will find him much more succinct.

    And as for the use of profanities, we recognize that an occasional one may be necessary to make a point, or express an extreme emotion.

    But an excessive dependence on same serves to subvert the seriousness of the message.

    (See what I mean about pompous turgidities?)

    If you don’t like it, fuck you.

    —The Bikemessenger

    My reply, which posted but then quickly disappeared, paraphrased:

    I like your pompous turgidities, and your views, just fine.

    I also like Loretta Nall a lot. And Steve Gordon (most of the time). And HoT, when it was up, and LFV now.

    BTW, backatya…and you’re welcome to post at LFV any time, or even be a writer there if you’d like.

    The following comment also went up; let’s see if it lasts.

    “Too bad it’s not basketball; I’d get the score on the goal tend, and a trip to the free throw line.”

    That’s the trouble with doing your own commentary. From this angle, it looks like you rimmed it. LOL

  25. …And the last comment just disappeared too.

  26. Yeah, it happens.

    BTW, that play looks awesome. I hate to say it… much as I don’t respect what the guy did to the Libertarian Party, I’m respecting Murray Rothbard’s theories more and more lately. Not so much his plans to implement those political theories, but he’s okay in my book other than that.

  27. How much have you catually read of his implementation plans?

    You may have read a mischaracterization of the radical caucus from opponents.

    Where I think Rothbard went tragically wrong..(source, wikipedia):

    “He split with the Radical Caucus at the 1983 national convention, and aligned himself with what he called the “rightwing populist” wing of the party, notably Ron Paul, who ran for President on the LP ticket 1988. In 1989, Rothbard left the Libertarian Party and began building bridges to the post-Cold War right. He was the founding president of the conservative-libertarian John Randolph Club and supported the presidential campaign of Pat Buchanan in 1992. However, prior to his death in Manhattan of a heart attack, Rothbard had become disillusioned with the Buchanan movement.”

    Too bad he didn’t have time to expand on that disenchantment, which I think Rockwell never quite understood adequtely.

  28. Steve Van Dyke’s article about Dirasian, reposted on Liberty For America:

    I’m not one to beat up on fellow libertarians unless they are clearly in the wrong, so it’s with much consternation that I have to tell Greg Dirasian, who runs, to fuck off. You see, he’s been posting a lot of smack-talking about Stephen Gordon and Hammer of Truth (which he derisively calls Humor of Truth, whatever that means) since Gordon’s nomination to Communications Director.

    And not even a week into the job, he’s on the attack again, skewering Gordon for still posting here (”the LP should tell its donors that it hired somebody to post at a non-party controlled blog”). Because, god forbid we actually have a Communications Director that’s actually, uh… actively communicating. I wonder if Dirasian would have us tell donors that Gordon’s slacking on the job when he’s on television spreading liberty instead of sitting in his office not doing anything. I could see if perhaps Gordon was posting on his favorite car modification blog, but Hammer of Truth is a good venue for Gordon to reach libertarians and new faces, so he’s going to use it.

    But unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know the history of Dirasian, Gordon and myself, so perhaps some context is in order. Back in 2004, Dirasian was the third leg of the “troika” — himself, campaign manager Fred Collins and wife Barbara Goushaw-Collins — that was in charge of the Badnarik for President campaign. There was a lot of hostility by him towards supporters and even campaign members after a rather disastrous website redesign. I made no secret my displeasure with his work and helped form a pro bono team that moved in to replace him and re-redesign the site. We eventually severed ties to Dirasian weeks after the new site launch when we moved the hosting away from his personal web server to an actual managed hosting service. Problems went away overnight and we were simply happy to have moved on. It still cracks me up that his support solution to any of the various repeating site management problems was to paste a huge photo of his face on the admin page with his phone number that went unanswered.

    Shortly prior to this upheaval in staffing, Gordon was invited from the Russo campaign due to his remarkable abilities. Email and communications went into overdrive, and as many of you remember… the site traffic started topping 50k/day, with several spikes as Gordon got campaign news items placed in large publications. If that’s another “Alabamafication of the Libertarian Party“… give me a second and third helping. More relevant to this discussion is the fact that Gordon was also instrumental of getting Dirasian moved aside (and eventually pushed out by Collins, if I recall correctly) to allow our web team to do our work without headache — it made a huge difference.

    So the latest smack-talking from Dirasian? A bunch of sour grapes from a libertarian who’s stuck in the mindset that we should remain a debate society instead of an actual political party. He’s free to keep being annoying, and I’m free to tell him to fuck off.

  29. […] There’s a wanker who does not like our blog because we act rowdy and curse. I think the problem stems from him getting fired from the Badnarik 2004 campaign as webmaster, and he has had it in for Steve Van Dyke and Steve Gordon ever since. He’s come after others, such as Loretta Nall, as proxies since then. […]

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