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State of the Union Preview

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By way of Radley Balko, the Agitator


Another new face!

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ElfMomNino, who rocks her shit spectacularly over at the Chapman For President blog, is going to join our staff! She’s got one of the funniest libertarian blogs on the ‘net, keeping track of one of the Party’s biggest embarrassments.

So yeah, everyone give her a big LFV welcome!

(Well, a big LFV welcome would probably involve toilet paper, the Second Amendment and the phrase “bugger off and die” so let’s just be nice to her an’ shit. :D)

Badnarik’s gonna advise the Chapman campaign?

In Libertarian, Politics on January 24, 2007 at 2:00 am

In the latest round of WTFtitude involving the sadsackiest of all Libertarian Presidential contenders, apparently Michael Badnarik is going to advise Gene Chapman’s Presidential campaign. With Allen Hacker set to profess at Gene’s “American Libertarian University,” this likely means that not only has Badnarik gone fucking nuts, but he’s still got no problem with the douche that ruined the best-funded Libertarian House campaign in history. Yeah, my last remaining shreds of sympathy for Badnarik just left the building.

Watch this and laugh, kiddos.