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Taxes of Evil 2

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Earlier we had a discussion of the Taxes of Evil outreach piece:

Taxes of Evil 1

We now have a new update.

Final draft of Version1:



Susan writes,

Send your contributions to help print this to my Paypal account!!! Please!

Copies will be sent to all local LPs who request it – courtesy of the
LP Radicals.

Anyone wanting to help with printing (and help is needed! sooner better than later!) can just go to and use Susan’s email address to send money to:

Regarding printing and distributing these, Susan says:

By the way, I have no problems with anyone using any of these in any form, modifying them, whatever. No credit neccessary. But PLEASE ask me for the source files. I did the layout in an excellent open source program called Scribus, but can provide the idles as EPS and other formats.

I suggest those looking into working on layout and design look into Scribus.


The US War Crime Family Commission

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Here’s something I’ve ben pointing out for quite a while now:

Pro-war Clinton candidacy success would mean same mob bosses have ruled U.S. since 1980

"Hillary Heralds 30 Year Plus Control Of America By Interlocking Crime Family"

Another Clinton in office would mean America being under the thiefdom of either a Bush or a Clinton for a total of at least 32 years, 36 if Hillary is re-elected (many now acknowledge that H.W. Bush pulled the strings as VP during the Reagan era)

Clinton voted for the Patriot Act and she voted for the war in Iraq, but so many Democrats are blinded by the cult of personality that they will overwhelmingly vote to put this crime family back in office.

Then again, we might just get an indefinite extention of Bush through martial law, precipitated by a war with Iran, Unless The Bush Crime family is impeached now, says Paul Craig Roberts.

Robert Higgs has an in-depth analysis of the
Living Reality of Military-Economic Fascism
and corruption through the military-industrial

And even LP national is talking about The State of the Monarchy.

If we are killed, you will be killed

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I was reading the latest report from regarding Ayman al-Zawahiri and the rebuttal to President Bush’s new strategy in Iraq. According to Zawahiri “if we are killed, you will be killed”. There was also the statement of “”Why not send 50,000 or 100,000? Aren’t you aware that the dogs of Iraq are pining for your troops’ dead bodies? Send your entire army to be annihilated at the hands of the Mujahedeen to free the world from your evil and theirs because Iraq, the land of the caliphate and jihad, is able to bury 10 armies like yours, with God’s help and power.”

First of all we enter this war in an Imperialist action to “police the world”. Then we come up with “WMD’s and the War Against Terror” after we put a bunch of holes and blew off mountain tops in Afghanistan. After Afghanistan we invade Iraq for the cause of freedom and not for oil. Then we find out that one of the sole reasons was for oil. Now we are sending over more troops this year and we are threatened by the second in command of the Terrorists who took credit for the destruction of the Twin Towers better known to us uneducated types as “9/11”.

Now I am not too hip on the hype and lingo of the modern reporter who has an edge on the savvy colloquialisms of today, but by my best recollection of former years, i.e. Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Somalia, Serbia/Croatia, hell, even Libya and Grenada, the big result of sending people in to combat is to have victory, let alone victory for the good guys. How are we, the “World Police” good guys in this manner? We go in, rough up the former leaders, set up a puppet democracy with a full-proof plan to rid it of its oil for at least 30 years to our own corporations and then plunder off of the people in their misery, send in more troops to help “preserve their democracy” from uprisings and we don’t expect to get hate-mail from the second in command of Al-Queda? I was actually expecting more from Bin Laden than what was given. Now we have a threat that we will get our butts blown to smithereens(good band btw) if we kill any more. In the article I linked even the FBI is involved in finding out more plans here on our soil.

What do we expect? The world to heed to our call for this tripe? Does the whole world seek out our United States freedoms, where I cant even have a smoke in my car anymore in New Jersey, nor can I have a smoke in a bar in California or Springfield, IL? “The Land of the Free” has more issues, lets actually call them for what they are “problems” with trying to maintain a ton of red tape on every law that not only are we full of loopholes from ass-clowns in office creating new laws which make more problems all for a small but obnoxiously loud portion of society(you heard me MADD and OSHA!) that we cannot breathe our own smoke-filled air without being told I either have to out it out or receive a fine, because I am on a sidewalk within two-hundred feet of the door of the local Denny’s. Give me a break, or better yet, suck it up, America! While these terrorists are fighting off the plunderers of their land from the great white devil who blew up their religious site, their homes and their communities, you are busy bitching and moaning about some kid out on the sidewalk smoking because he cant smoke with his coffee in a now non-existent smoking section while you eat your lard-boiled, fat-laden, artery-hardening Grand Slam Breakfast with a diet coke.