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Kubby Update 2007.01.19

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National Live Radio Interview Saturday January 20 7:30 PM PT

Steve Kubby will be interviewed this Saturday night on a national broadcast of “We The People” with David Sears on the CRN DIGITAL TALK RADIO NETWORK. The live program is heard nationwide on CRN TALK via Cable systems nationwide and several radio stations. The
broadcast reaches an audience of 11 million and is heard round the world via Internet streaming. Please check the affiliate listing at for the cable system or radio station nearest you.

Next Prez Blog: Kubby still leading Libertarian candidates

“Steve Kubby (steady) — appears best positioned among the leading LP candidates to continue building momentum for his campaign if Ron Paul draws donations and volunteers away from the party for his Republican primary bid. …”

The Next Prez –

And this item seems kinda counter-intuitive….

Kubby Wins Conservative Poll

31 Dec 2006 by United States Conservative

“Libertarian Steve Kubby won the December match up poll from The Conservative President 2008.

December Poll Results:

Chuck Baldwin(CON) 28.68%
Joe Biden (D) 2.94%
Lou Dobbs (I) 14.71%
Rudy Giuliani(R) 21.32%
Steve Kubby (LIB) 30.88%

Rich Whitney (GRN) 1.47%

Conservative President 2008 –

Steve Kubby appears on Blog Talk Radio’s “Liberated Space” with host Angela Keaton. This is a half-hour interview, commencing at 4:30pm Pacific Time, Thursday, January 25th.

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Good news from Iraq

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Well, apparently al-Maliki has enough confidence in his own troops now to tell Bush to piss off.

“I can strongly say that we could have been in a better situation right now regarding the equipment we have and the weapons we have,” Maliki said through a translator in an interview with six reporters from Western media, including TIME. “And if that would have happened, it would have greatly decreased the level of our losses and the losses of the Multi-National Forces as well.”

“If we succeed in implementing the agreement between us to speed up the equipping and providing weapons to our military forces,” he said, “I think that within three to six months our need for the American troops will dramatically go down.”

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Well, he’s half-right…

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Bolivian President Evo Morales had some interesting things to say about the drug war.

Bolivian President Evo Morales said on Friday that coca farmers are not cocaine traffickers and that rich countries should fight demand for the coca-based drug instead of shutting down farms.

“I’m a coca leaf farmer and they’ve always accused me of being a drug trafficker, but coca leaves don’t cause addiction,” Morales said at a summit of South American leaders in Rio de Janeiro.

Good, good… just the kind of badassery I’d expect from someone who had the nerve to give Condi Rice a coca leaf guitar.

“There shouldn’t just be zero cocaine policies, there should be zero demand, zero market policies.”

“You should talk to some developed, industrialized countries about eradicating this evil,” he said.

Ouch… say it ain’t so, Evo! Reducing demand doesn’t work, don’t foist the statism on us. We should just legalize it outright and have some reduced programs to contain the worst excesses of it-rehab is much more libertarian than jail and the DEA.

What needs to happen in Denver in 2008

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Is it more than two years away? Yes! Does that matter? Oh no.

In Portland in 2006, the Libertarian Party made some significant changes. Like them or hate them, they’ve been made. Unfortunately, it’s a lot easier to dump platform planks than it is to add them. So in order to patch together a newer, more complete platform, both Radicals and Reformers are going to have to work together on this.

First off, let’s focus on the process. The ideals of the Radicals and the Reformers are largely the same; we’ve both got all types of libertarians in our ranks, although I daresay that there’s more moderates in the Reform Caucus. But largely, we’re coming from the same philosophical background. The only difference is tactics. Read the rest of this entry »