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Vote This Ass-Clown Out!

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OK, Free Staters…time to show what y’all are made of and make some serious stink about this out of control politician. This deserves to be in all your letters to the editor, public pickets, call every radio and TV station in the state, hell, make it national news. This psychotic individual is clearly legislating while impaired. Book ‘im Danno!

Constituent Representation in Keene
by way of Homeland Stupidity

Earlier today I decided to write my representative, Delmar Burridge, an e-mail to voice my support for HB92, decriminalizing marijuana. Unfortunately I was very disheartened by the response I got to my letter. I expect much more from my representatives. Below is both my original letter and his response:

Dear Representative Delmar Burridge

I hope you are in good health. I understand that you are on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee which is going to hear testimony this Wednesday on HB92, decriminalizing marijuana. I know you are opposed to this bill, but I trust you can understand how important of an issue this is to many people both in Keene and the rest of New Hampshire. I hope you will consider passing it through committee so that all sides will have their chance to speak on it. NH has some of the most draconian legislation on marijuana, and hundreds of our friends and family members are being arrested for choosing to smoke instead of drink. Please think about passing this through committee so everyone can listen to the opposition and have their chance to speak.Thank you very much,

Toby Iselin
Keene NH

And his response:

Dear Toby:

My youngest brother Albert who I was very close to died from head injuries sustained when he wrecked his car in West Virginia. His wife walked away. He was a triple major in college; biology, philosophy, and psychology and was smoking a joint before the crash. It is all very vivid including the anguish my parents went through. This occurred in the 1970s and I still miss him. I began work as a juvenile probation officer in the poorest section in Philadelphia in 1969 and the above described experience pales to my on the job, eyeball to eyeball observation of family devastation I saw daily…..and these males were reefer users just like you….saying the same dumb stuff just like you and they were not smart college smart. I saw lots of blood and death. Trust me, these campers were not soon going to be setting the world on fire. Some did suffer severe burns.

Last night one of your buddies called me twice even asking me to be on his TV show. He was yelling and screaming and I hung up on him. You have to chill this guy out. I will say to you what I said to three different callers; I will vote no on this Bill and have lots of very chilling stories to relate to the other committee members so it goes my way.

Suggest you change all your friends, be the designated driver when you are old enough to drink since you don’t drink. I will sign the Bill that keeps tobacco out of the bars when it come up in the house so you don’t get second hand smoke.

I am copying two members of the Keene Police Department in case you want to change your ways and act legal and save your friends.

You are very passionate in your beliefs and would make a great snitch. It is thrilling to dime on your so called friends.

Be healthy and be well.

Delmar D. Burridge

(603) 352-5363 or
(603) 542-7744

I would just like to add that I never said that I don’t drink, and nowhere in the e-mail did I mention that I smoke marijuana. It seems that Representative Delmar Burridge is making assumptions without looking at any of the arguments or evidence.

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  1. As a general statement, there are two sorts of complainers about their own representative:
    (1) those who have lined up an opponent or become the opponent, and who are actively campaigning against the incumbent
    (2) those who are not going to improve the situation.

    “Opponent” includes (1) an active primary opponent who runs a take-no-prisoners campaign in the primary election and (2) the general election opponent if the incumbent survives the primary.

  2. Valid point. I hope the people in his district from the NH LP, FSP, NHLA etc. line up both primary and general elction opposition.

    In the meantime, we should publicize this kind of outrageous politician behavior.

  3. Another letter to Burridge

    Here’s one more

    From the second letter

    intend to bring your email to the attention of House leaders and let them decide if your email warrants further action.
    I truly wish you the best and hope you try and value the people you represent instead of insulting them.

    Eric Scott
    Talk show host
    WKBK Keene

  4. Ass clown, indeed! As painful as it must be to see a loved one die, you still have to maintain a sense of rationality when considering laws designed at controlling people’s behavior. No doubt there are far more people dying in automobile accidents related to alcohol usage and dozens of other things without anyone calling for their outright prohibition.

    Pin this guy to the wall, Free Staters!

  5. Eesh.

    So basically what you’re saying is that this guy some how made it to public office having the reading comprehension skills of a five year old and the analytical thinking of a head of lettuce.

    Wish I lived in NH so I could help vote this guy out.

  6. There are in fact several things those of us who can’t vote him out can and should do about it.

    Burridge’s psychotic tirade of rudeness and thug-like intimidation against a constituent doing his civic responsibility “runs counter to the notion that petitioning the government for a redress of grievances is a basic constitutional (and human!) right that should not be interpreted as a confession to unlawfulness in a free society.”

    “Burridge evidently believes the police should take an interest in anyone who expresses support for drug policy reform. Talk about chilling.”

    Additional ideas of what can be done about this slimeball include:

    “Iselin should have replied, including the cc to the Keene cops, wishing Burridge well and saying that Burridge appears to have extensive personal and family involvement with illegal substances and perhaps Burridge would make a better snitch.”

    Of course anyone can do this – not just Iselin.

    “Sounds like it is time for Toby Iselin to bring a libel suit against Burridge.

    That is the traditional remedy for this kind of thing.

    The compensatory damages would probably only be $1, but I think some punitives would be appropriate on this.”

    “and throw in a right to petition claim, too:

    We can help set up a legal fund if that option is pursued.

    You can contact Burridge at

    Delmar D. Burridge

    (603) 352-5363 or
    (603) 542-7744

    Another idea is to contact the House Ethics board in NH about this.

    One of the other writers at Keene Free Minds…

    “. I’ve also been trying to reach Executive Councilor Deb Pignatelli about Mr. Burridge’s conduct toward one of his constituents. Her office number is 603-888-5245”

    Anyone can call or email them – you do not have to be a constituent.

    Letters to the editor and calls to TV and radio shows are not limited to residents of the district.

    Just a few ideas – more are welcome!

  7. Here are some other ideas to put in your letters. It was on the MassCann Myspace Blog.

    The citizen is exercizing his first amendment rights to free speech and to petition the government for a redress of greivances–to wit: he asks his Representative to forward a Bill on marijuana decriminalization from the Committee he is serving on, to the General Assembly. The constituent is asking for an open debate on the Bill’s merits.

    Normally a Representative, regardless of personal or political position on a given Bill, will respectfully acknowledge their constituents, and thank them for expressing their opinion. Anyone who respects democratic government must also respect a difference in opinon and advocacy.

    Rep. Delmar D. Burridge doesn’t respect democracy. When his constituent requests that he consider forwarding the Bill before his committee, Burridge proceeds to make unsubstantiated accusations (1. that his constituent does not drink alcohol because he is under age; 2. his constituent uses marijuana; and, 3. his constituent should be brought to the attention of the local police because of an email sent to his Representative that asks his Rep. to forward a Bill that regards the decriminalization of marijuana to the General Assembly.

    Delmar Burridge, through his actions, is actively pursuing a police state, where people are in danger of prosecution for merely speaking their minds, in a rational manner, against unjust policies. HE MUST BE STOPPED!

    Stop this Jr. Nazi in his tracks. Flood his email with statements of truth, statements of freedom. Everyone should download and copy the Bill of Rights and send them to his email box. His address is listed in the content below.


    They say the internet can kill fascists. Can it?

    Swamp this fascist with our FREEDOM. Send Burridge the Bill of Rights, or ANYTHING that says “NO, you CANNOT suppress OUR FREEDOM with YOUR FEAR!”

  8. Looks like this does not want to post at Homeland Stupidity, let’s archive it here for now…

    ex-stoner, long term chronic use of alcohol causes mental problems – it’s called “wet brain,” alcoholic dementia, and delirium tremens. Nevertheless, alcohol prohibition was and is a bad idea.

    As Kate writes at

    “Can you imagine — Not everyone that agrees with decriminalizing marijuana smokes. Many just don’t want their tax dollars wasted chasing and jailing pot heads. Just leave the pot heads alone and spend my tax dollars chasing murderers.

    When will people remember that prohibition causes violence because it creates the underground market.

    “Many social problems have been attributed to the Prohibition era. A profitable, often violent, black market for alcohol flourished. Racketeering happened when powerful gangs corrupted law enforcement agencies. Stronger liquor surged in popularity because its potency made it more profitable to smuggle. The cost of enforcing prohibition was high, and the lack of tax revenues on alcohol (some $500 million annually nationwide) affected government coffers. When repeal of prohibition occurred in 1933, following passage of the Twenty-first Amendment, organized crime lost nearly all of its black market alcohol profits in most states (states still had the right to enforce their own laws concerning alcohol consumption), due to competition with low-priced alcohol sales at legal liquor stores.”

    do a wikipedia search on prohibition of alcohol to learn more.

  9. for anyone interested in writing letters to the editor or otherwise contacting media about this:

  10. BTW this is now also a thread at Free State Project Forum.

  11. More of Burridge’s wonderful views, from the Keene Sentinel.

    FOR CHESHIRE COUNTY CANDIDATES: Where should the next county jail be built? Why?

    Burridge: The next county jail should be built at the Keene dump. Only the sheep will complain that it is built in their backyard. We could build the jail down wind so the sheep do not complain so loudly. A second jail location should be considered at a Keene city location that is rated a brownfield: the old city department of public works. A third location is in Swanzey at the airport. No additional revenue is lost in Swanzey and the jail is built so that the roof line is on the same plane as the runways, saving heating costs. All three properties are government-owned, impose no loss of revenue, which if my tax bill is passed would not make any difference, improve the existing properties with the removal of toxins at a brownfield, have less of visual impact on citizens for two locations and the county can sell off all the land in Westmoreland and place the proceeds in a rainy day fund or reduce the size of the bond floated.

  12. In case anyone wants to verify the authenticity of the email with a snail mail, follow up on my suggestion to picket Burridge at home, or for that matter surprise him with a pizza delivery,

    Delmar D. Burridge
    7 Starlight Drive
    Keene, NH 03431

    Capitol Address
    Representative Delmar D. Burridge
    107 North Main Street
    State House
    Concord, NH 03301
    Phone: (603) 271-2548
    Fax: (603) 271-6889


    Year First Elected: 2006
    Vote Percent in Last Election: 10.3%

    New Hampshire has multi-member districts.

    Burridge teaches criminal justice at New Hampshire Community Technical College, Claremont.

    If he still has that job, I’m thinking probably he shouldn’t.
    I don’t want him training future court officers, police, judges, prosecutors, etc, nor should such a deranged individual be entrusted with educating young people.

    1-800-837-0658, ext 2290 is Burridge.

    NHCTC 1 College Drive Claremont NH 03743
    Phone: 603-542-7744
    Toll-Free (from NH & VT): 800-837-0658
    Fax: 603-543-1844

    Is the college.

    You can explore to find appropriate links to express your concerns to deans, department heads, etc., regarding Burridge.

    Of course if he no longer works there that would be moot, but we might as well make sure he doesn’t – and is never welcomed back.

    Letters to the editor are great – they are one of the most read sections of any newspaper.

  13. NH media

    Don’t forget TV stations

    This list includes weeklies, campus papers, etc

    News/talk radio by state

    More media links, includes local blogs for many towns

  14. I’d love to help get this guy out of office. I was even sympathetic to him, with the whole dead brother bit, until he went all psycho-nuts and called the guy a pothead. That was uncalled for and bullshit.

  15. This is from another blog that linked this story

    So, you write to you Representative asking he/she support an upcoming bill to legalize Marijuana , and the reply you get is…. thanks for the tip, I am going to send your email to the local police!

    No, this is not a joke, this is real people. A Representative in American Government has made this statement. Read the above linked post and the blog away people, blog away! The scary thing is, this man felt safe enough to make such statements! You do not get that feeling of power unless someone has made you think you are! I wonder where in the world a man who has supposedly taught law ever thought he could make such a baseless statement and get away with it, fearing no reprisals?

    I wonder also, is there not some law that says it is against the law to file unrighteous reports with the Police? Wonder what they will do with this persons email?

    Our Government is getting more and more out of hand, our laws are being stomped into the ground, while new laws, secret courts and the like are becoming more the norm. No one says a thing anymore about all this illegal use of government, where are all the protestors of the 60s?

    Why is the American Public turning a constant blind eye to power hungry idiots in Government?

    I wasn’t around in the 60’s but that’s ok…we can learn from them and do even better this time.

    The big thing they had was follow through. We have all the info needed to take appropriate action here in the comments section – I hate to sound like Larry the Cable Guy but let’s “Git R Done”!

  16. By the way, a lot of the protestors of the 60s are still around. Along with many new ones.

    We got protests going on in DC and all over the country Jan 27

    And some of us are going to be there letting people know how taxes fund the war machine and the LP wants to let you keep the money…you can put it to better use than Halliburton and co.!

  17. That’s a clever angle. I think I agree with Nick Wilson that it’s easier to teach basic economics to the Left than it is to teach tolerance to the Right.

  18. As a resident of New Hampshire, I find Representative Burridge’s response to Mr. Iselin’s letter extremely insulting. It’s bad enough the Mr. Burridge supports our nation’s failed, draconia, unconstitutional War on (some) Drugs, but to address one of his constituents as he did is beyond the pale.

    I thank Pauly and the bloggers at Free Keene for bringing this to my attention. I just got finished writing a letter to four of the state’s newspapers (2 of the bigger papers and 2 local Keene papers). I considered writing to Mr. Burridge myself, but right now, I’m probably too angry to write a calm and collected letter.

    I also considered writing to the three New Hampshire state representatives who sponsored House Bill 92, making them aware of the conduct of their colleague, but I decided against it, thinking that it might be a little underhanded to go behind Represenative Burridge’s back and tattle on him to his colleagues. However, should any of you wish to contact the sponsors of House Bill 92, here they are:

    Charles Weed:
    Paul Ingbretson:
    Steve Vaillancourt:

  19. Well, since Burridge believes that snitching is a thrill, I say what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, those who live by the sword shall die by the sword, and you can lead a horse to water…oh wait, that one is irrelevant.

    I certainly think that Burridge’s colleagues in the Legislature, including those on hsi commitee as well as the Ethics commitee or equivalent, should be made aware of how he treats his constituents.

    Representatives with email:

  20. […] Burridge Gets Big Bloody Red Nose, Starts Taking Off Ass-Clown Costume A few days ago, we reported about how state representative Burridge in NH responded to a constituent’s polite …. […]

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