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Walter Cronkite owns the crap out of the drug war

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Kubby’s open letter to the 110th Congress

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To the returning and incoming members of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate:

On January 3rd, our nation’s 110th Congress opened its first session, following an election in which America’s voters gave control of both bodies composing that institution to the Democratic Party for the first time in 12 years. Incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that the “first 100 hours” of Congressional work time will be spent righting wrongs and pointing American government in a new direction. Change is in the air — but what kind of change?

I’d like to think that America’s voice has reached the ear of Republican and Democrat alike.

I’d like to believe that all of you will take America’s clear and pointed rejection of the last six years of federal governance — the gross abuse of executive power, the indefensible suppressions of our rightful liberties, the failed policy of bloody and ineffectual foreign military adventurism, the gross fiscal incompetence and imposition of massive debt on future generations, the rampant corruption — to heart, and that you’ll act decisively to turn our government around and point it toward the future.

I’d like to trust you to do those things … but to do so would be to allow hope to triumph over experience. Even as the vortex of political power that is Washington, DC begins to spin up for another cycle, pulling the country’s attention back toward it yet again, what I hear from the center of power is, to say the least, disturbing.
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News roundup: 1/11/2007

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The Democrats are coming to Denver too, apparently. We were here first, fuckers. At least we Libertarians aren’t putting stupid little stipulations on the city, like unionizing the city’s hotel industry. Get the donkeys outta the West unless they can learn to behave like libertarians and not fuck up our shit.

Oh yeah, and apparently we invaded Iranian soil. It was only an embassy though, so apparently that’s okay. And Bush has reportedly said that he has a bigger dick than the ruler of Syria too while he’s at it. God I need a drink or five.

Oh yeah, and Bob Barr has already gone to bat for the Libertarian Party. He’s helping rein in government data mining. Finally, Libertarians are actually doing things. Sweet!

Ethan Nadelmann on The Colbert Report

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By way of Loretta Nall

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Well, now we now why we went to Iraq.

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Wonkette’s got the story:

As all the other reasons for the Iraq invasion and occupation are tossed aside for being either intentional deceptions (WMDs) or just plain feel-good nonsense (democracy, human rights, whatever), the real reason for the war has been a total success: U.S. and British oil companies will take over Iraq’s oil fields under a new Iraqi law written by the Bush Administration.

Western energy giants such as Exxon and Shell will control Iraqi oil exploration for the next 30 years while keeping 75% of the profits. Let freedom reign!

Brilliant. I was never one for the whole “it’s all about the oil” theory, but looks like I was wrong.

3000+ dead for a pile of fucking oil.


Stop the Draft Before It Starts!

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MLL poster: Stop the Draft!

Bush wants a larger military. The Selective Service System is busy testing its draft machinery.

Don’t wait for an official re-launch of the draft. Begin fighting it now. And if you find it useful, feel free to use this poster I’ve created for the Movement of the Libertarian Left. You’ll find a fullsize, downloadable PDF of the poster right here.

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I hereby endorse the SHIT outta Ron Paul.

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Finally, some unspeakably awesome news from the political world, and a potential reason for me to hold my nose and register Republican’t:

Ron Paul’s running for the GOP nomination, kids! Holy fucking shit!

I respect both Steve Kubby and George Phillies, not to mention all the fine folks who are working for their campaigns, but you know… if Ron Paul wins the GOP nomination, fuck it. I’m voting big party, and not only that, but I hope the LP doesn’t even run a Presidential campaign if that comes to pass. Save the money for down-ticket races. Shit shit shit shit SHIT this is awesome.

It’ll be like Barry Goldwater all over again, except this time we’d win the hell out of everything. No Democrat’s going to be able to out-peace Ron fucking Paul. He’d own them on civil liberties, he’d reconnect with the Republican base on taxation and spending, and he’d force the Democrat into the awkward position of being the socially-conservative one. Oh man oh man oh MAN.

I’m changing my voter registration to Republican just long enough to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries, and you should too. Let’s get a libertarian into the fucking Oval Office at last!