Steve G.

Pelosi vows to look like douche while raising taxes on rich

In Democrats, Economics, Humor, Taxation on January 8, 2007 at 10:21 pm

Ye fucking gods, just look at the broad. If that’s her “tough face” then… yeah. *shudder*

In an effort to promote bipartisanship, Nancy Pelosi has offered to take over some of President Bush’s responsibility to provide the blogosphere with stuff to laugh at. The President told LFV reporters something about “finally I can stop eating all these pretzels to outdo that sumbitch Jimmy Carter.

In other news, Nancy Pelosi was rumored to have been contemplating a tax hike on the rich. Her statements:

“As we review what we get from … collecting our taxes and reducing waste, fraud and abuse, investing in education and in initiatives which will bring money into the Treasury, it may be that (repealing) tax cuts for those making over a certain amount of money, $500,000 a year, might be more important to the American people than ignoring the educational and health needs of America’s children,” Pelosi, D-California, said in an interview aired Sunday.

Translating from her native Districtese, her statements can be interpreted thus:

“Yeah, we’re gonna hike taxes on the rich, but we’re probably not going to do it until 2008 because we don’t want the Republicans to spin it well enough to retake Congress. That would suck, and probably contribute to an inability to keep our jobs.

Now… going serious for a sec, I’m not entirely certain that this is a bad thing. For one thing, it would be accompanied by tax cuts for the middle class. The rich can afford tax hikes far more than the middle class can, and bolstering the middle class means bolstering small businesses too, giving less political power to the corporations that have emerged as a threat to libertarian principle in the past few decades.

For another… tax cuts are great but so are balanced budgets. And since the rich are made up of people like, well, Nancy fucking Pelosi, if they want to steal their own cash to fund their stupid socialistic shit, it’s no skin off my nose.


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