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Random shit roundup: 1/1/2007

In Celebrities, Democrats, Libertarian, Politics on January 1, 2007 at 8:34 pm

So a bunch of new laws go into effect today.

Shit laws:

Seven states — Arizona, California, Delaware, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania — are raising their minimum wage. The federal minimum is $5.15 an hour. The new wages go as high as $7.50 an hour.

Frustrated by what some see as inaction in Washington, California passed a law that seeks to force coal-burning plants in the western U.S. to install cleaner technology if they want to sell power in the nation’s most populous state.

States also dealt with immigration (Nurses from other countries must have English language proficiency to practice in South Carolina)

campaign finance (North Carolina and Pennsylvania set stricter rules)

South Dakota and Texas raised taxes on cigarettes.

Massachusetts’ new health care law allows those earning up to 300 percent of the federal poverty level to buy into subsidized plans. (Those at or below the poverty level are being signed up for virtually free health care).

Good laws:

eminent domain (Illinois requires local governments to pay more and meet a higher legal threshold before seizing private property)

Alabama and West Virginia cut taxes on the poorest, and North Carolina lowered taxes on the highest earners. New York and Oklahoma dropped the so-called marriage penalty that imposed higher taxes on married couples than on single people.

Downright fucking goofy laws:

In Illinois, copycat musical groups who misrepresent themselves as the original artists will face fines of up to $50,000. The new law requires live acts to make it clear in their advertising that they are a salute or a tribute to the real thing.

In Indiana, a new license plate featuring the American flag and the words “In God We Trust” will be available at no extra charge. Rep. Woody Burton, the sponsor, predicted they will “sell like crazy.”

In other news, the Democrats are blowing promises out their ass like it’s going out of style. Cindy Sheehan just got arrested for blocking traffic at Bush’s ranch. Her “moral victory” against the Iraq war by being arrested has immediately qualified her for running for anything as a Libertarian, ever. The Republicans might retake the Senate, but then again that could hurt their political grandstanding which might help them… retake the Senate in 2008. Oh, and get this, Hillary might not be leading the Democrats in 2008, thank God.

Oh yeah… last but definitely first: Nigel Watt has been added to the motherfucking blog. At long last. I had to make an account for him myself but it was done. Sic semper WordPress, dammit! 😀


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